Shower Tray

Shower trays are important to keep you safe while you are taking a shower. It also helps maintain the cleanliness of your shower room. High quality shower trays are designed to last for a long time. However, there will come a time when you have to finally change the one that you use at home.

Change in colour

When the shower tray has turned from sparkling white to dirty brown or grey, it means that you have not maintained it well over the years. There could be lots of bacteria there. It is not just unsightly to look at, but it is also a health risk. Imagine if you step inside while you have a cut on your foot. It could become infected. When the colour has changed, nothing can salvage it anymore. If you use chemicals, then you might just harm the finish of your tray. You could try scrubbing it, but the marks will stay and they are not good to look at. Instead of spending a lot of time trying to clean it up (which you should have done before), it is probably best to just have it replaced.

Bathroom remodel

When you have decided to remodel your bathroom, you should do a major overhaul. If you can change the shower tray to fit the size of your new bathroom, then it would be great. You can even go for a bigger rectangular shower tray instead of the smaller tray that you used before. Now that you have a bigger floor area, you can buy a bigger shower tray.

Cracks on the tray

This might not happen at all, but once it does, you have no choice but to have it replaced. Some trays which are made from ordinary plastic are easily broken. If a huge person uses it, then expect some cracks. If the same person uses the shower each day, the crack becomes more and more visible. There will come a time when you can no longer prevent it. Therefore, it is best to just have it replaced. There are temporary solutions like glueing the cracked parts together or having them covered with another material. This temporary solution won’t work over time though. If you have enough money to buy a new one, then you should go for it.

Don’t worry about the price

One of the reasons why people don’t want to replace items at home is because they have to spend a lot of money. There are different options when it comes to shower trays, so you can always settle for a cheaper choice, but still get high quality.

Image: (John Kasawa)