Everyone wants to get the most value from their home, by doing the least amount of work for the smallest cost.

The easiest way to add a big chunk of value to your house would be to get an extension, although you’ll not only need a bulk sum of money to start with for this, but you’ll also need to wait around for planning permission approval.

Here are 5 things that you can do to add value to your property, without breaking the bank and without having to wait weeks for permission from the council:

1. Adding Overfloor Heating

Underfloor heating has connotations as being a massive luxury to a household. However, a more affordable option is overfloor heating, which will not only add value to your house, but will save you money on heating bills over time.
Overfloor heating is a lot easier to install than underfloor, as it doesn’t involve your flooring getting ripped up and it can all be installed within a couple of hours. It relies on pipes laying over your current floor structure, and sitting just below your carpet, tile or laminate.

2. Renovate the Kitchen and Bathrooms First

These are areas where home owners tend to spend more time in, which is why they should be renovated before anywhere else.

While your bedrooms are important areas of the house to renovate, the kitchen and bathrooms are the areas in the house that will add most value. This is because bedrooms can be avoided by guests, but if you’re inviting people over, the chances are that they will see the kitchen, and they’ll need to use the little boy/girl’s room.

3. Convert Your Garage

A garage that is filled with junk and still has cemented walls and lack of flooring probably won’t look that appealing. However, if you add those two essentials and you convert it into a funky little space, it will work as another room that will really add value to your property.

Some suggestions of what you could convert your garage to include a gym, a cinema room or even an office.

4. Invest in Double Glazing

If your windows need replacing, then it would be best to upgrade them to double-glazing windows. They are often considered essential by some property buyers and can dramatically increase the value of your property as they become more appealing. It can add up to 10% more to the price of your house.

5. Improve the Garden

If you haven’t mowed the lawn since last summer, don’t worry, we understand. I mean, how much time do we really spend in the garden here in the UK? However, a presentable garden will make the house a lot more sellable; weed-free, low cut grass, a nice patio and a nice garden shed.

Also, get rid of those overgrown trees that surround your garden to add extra light, this costs about £300 but can make a huge difference on the selling price.

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