Your employees are the backbone of your company; they are the wheels in the finely tuned cog of your business. However, how productive your workforce will be and team morale will be determined by your office space. You, therefore, need to provide your team with the best possible environment to encourage productivity, collaboration, and hard work.

Here are six innovative improvements to make to your office.

1. Hot Desking

Hot desking will grant your employees with the freedom to work and move across the office with ease. This will not only allow your staff to select their own seat each day, which can improve morale, but it will also encourage relationships between different departments, which could lead to collaborations and greater efficiency.

2. A Creative Office Design

Dull colours and a poor layout will suck all passion and motivation out of your team, which can lead to slow productivity and poor performances. If you want your employees to feel excited to come into work each day, you need a stylish, fun, and sophisticated office space. For an office design that complements your branding and ethos, visit 360 Degrees to create the perfect interior where your workforce will feel happy and at home.

3. A Breakout Space

Stress can often destroy productivity, which is why your staff need a space to relax, unwind and have a little fun. Introduce comfortable seating, a dining table, television, board games, and video games into a break space. A break away from their desk will allow your team to return to work feeling less stressed and more motivated to tackle each task on their list, so it is a worthy investment.

4. Moveable Desks

Your business needs will change over the years, which is why moveable desks are a smart investment. They work a little bit like pieces to a puzzle, as you can reconfigure different desks for individual or collaborative use. They will provide your office with greater mobility and flexibility and can encourage collaboration across the company.

5. A Pet-Friendly Office

1 in 5 UK companies reportedly allows pets in the office. Pets can reportedly help to reduce a person’s stress levels, which is why they are ideal for the office. What’s more, they can create a more social environment, as employees can easily strike up a conversation about a member of staff’s pet pooch. It also means your employees will not need to rush out of the office to return home to their pet, as they can feed them throughout the day and take them for a walk on their lunch break. If you want to create a happy, stress-free and social workplace, allow your employees to bring their pets to work, even just for one day each week or month.

6. Seating Alternatives

Did you know that sitting for between eight to eleven hours each day increases the likelihood of dying by 15% within four years? Improve your team’s health by providing your staff with different seating alternatives. In addition to office desks, you could provide areas for your team to stand as they work, or you could introduce treadmill desks so they can enjoy a casual walk as they tackle a project. A little exercise can also increase your team’s energy, so they’ll be more productive.