A new luxury eco-cleaning subscription service is turning dull dishwater household chores into a therapeutic ritual while reducing the environmental impact of people’s homes.

ZERO ZERO curates toxic-free, plant-based, sustainably made and refillable household products, and delivers them straight to your door. What’s more, the stylish but affordable cleaners are not for hiding in a cupboard but proudly displaying in refillable amber glass bottles – the ultimate statement of high-end home care.

Hugo Empson, ZERO ZERO co-founder, says: “People spend a fortune on candles, cleaning and flowers to enhance their ultimate asset – their home –  but buy dirt-cheap, poor-quality cleaning products made from toxic chemicals. It’s like getting dressed up in a Tom Ford suit, and then spraying yourself with the cheapest body spray. Where’s the sense?”

Most of us are familiar with the weekly germ-busting mission to sanitise our homes but blindly reach for low-cost powerful products, oblivious to the damage they cause.

Last week, a new study* exposed how common household cleaning products release toxic chemicals linked to cancer and infertility, which linger in the air of a home for up to four hours. All but one of 30 products tested by the Environmental Working Group gave off measurable levels of toxins and in ten, levels were so high they breached European safety standards.

Cleaning products are also widely known to damage respiratory function, skin, microbial balance – and therefore gut health – as well as the planet after finding their way into soil, air, and water.

But thanks to ZERO ZERO, cleaning no longer comes with a health warning and with one wipe of a dishcloth, every home can become a chemical-free sanctuary.


For just £20 every two months, ZERO ZERO customers receive a carbon-neutral delivery of MadeKind products, which use natural ingredients containing powerful anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties – and smell as awesome as a scented candle.

Each shipment of the Hand Wash bundle contains 2 x 330ml MadeKind Hand Wash while the Sustainable Cleaning bundle includes 1 x 1000ml sustainable MadeKind Multi-Surface Cleaner and 1 x 1000ml MadeKind Dish Wash. Kitchen counter-worthy reusable amber glass bottles come with every first delivery.

Hugo and his business partner Kyle Jordan believe ZERO ZERO’s appeal lies in them being two clueless cleaners giving people the power to make a difference to the planet while turning their house a home.

Kyle says: “If you’d have told me that a decade ago we’d be behind a cleaning product business, I’d have laughed. We never knew the first thing about cleaning our houses but we understood what looks and smells great in a home and about products that are kind to the environment.”

Hugo adds “We’re not eco-warriors and don’t want to lecture people on the planet. There’s a lot more value to ZERO ZERO than just being eco-friendly and sustainable. We’re just on a mission to have fun while helping people detoxify their homes, clean up their health and be a bit stylish in the process!”


Childhood pals Hugo and Kyle’s friendship was honed two decades ago at boarding school, where their entrepreneurial spirits were ignited. As a youngster Hugo, who made pocket money flogging second-hand cars, won a breakfast meeting with Sir Richard Branson after entering a school-run entrepreneur competition, selling kitchen aprons to pupils’ mums. Kyle, meanwhile, has his former racing driver father Eddie to thank for his firm work ethic.

The light bulb for ZERO ZERO came during lockdown when Hugo discovered MadeKind plant-based cleaning products, which are developed using biodegradable formulas that are safe around kids and pets, and use natural essential oils instead of harsh, synthetic fragrances.

At the same time, Kyle discovered his fashion designer sister Zoë was using a homemade vinegar-based kitchen surface spray and after sinking into a wormhole of research, their eyes were opened to the harmful impact of toxic cleaning products on our health and the planet.

Both live in west London and share an office in Portobello where they run ZERO ZERO and other purpose-driven businesses. Hugo is the founder of Generous APE, an online marketplace for style-led sustainable and ethical brands while Kyle operates the online fundraising platform GoodGood Giving, which he launched in 2021 with his father.

For full details of ZERO ZERO go to www.zerozerohome.co.uk

Instagram: @ZeroZeroHome