When buying a strimmer for your garden, you’ll notice that the main difference is in how they are powered.  There are three main types of strimmer which are electric mains powered, battery powered, and petrol powered.  Which is best for you will depend on the type of garden that you have.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the three main types of strimmer to help you determine which is the best choice for you.

1.      Electric Strimmers

Electric strimmers tend to be the cheapest type of strimmer you can buy; however, this isn’t because they’re not any good.  Instead, it’s because of the limitations they have due to needing to be plugged into the mains.  Electric strimmers are best for those who have small gardens, as well as those who have electrical sockets outside.  They can also be used with an extension lead.  The main benefit of electric strimmers is that they don’t require charging, so can be more convenient than the battery-powered models.  A good example of an electric strimmer is the VonHaus 350W model, which you can find at this link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/VonHaus-350W-Electric-Strimmer-Lightweight/dp/B06XKGYCSF.

2.      Battery Powered Strimmers

Ideal for those with small gardens, battery-powered strimmers are easy to use and can be manoeuvred into tricky locations.  Most models are lightweight and easy to use making them ideal for the elderly as well as those who don’t want the hassle of operating bulky tools.  The main disadvantage of battery powered strimmers is that they need recharging.  Most will operate for around 20 minutes on a standard charge, although you can pay more for models with larger batteries.  It’s also possible to purchase interchangeable batteries in order to extend the length of time the strimmer can be used.  Black and Decker create a number of popular battery powered strimmers, as do Flymo, Hyundai, and again, emerging brands like VonHaus.

3.      Petrol Powered Strimmers

If you have a large garden, or work as a gardener, a petrol-powered strimmer might be the best choice for you.  These models have two stroke engines, each of which provide a different level of power.  Because of this, they are able to handle pretty much any task, from long thick grass to edging.  Free of cables, they are convenient to use, and they also don’t need to be left on charge like the battery powered strimmers described above.  Luckily, petrol strimmers are also lightweight, and many have separate attachments that are interchangeable enabling you to complete a variety of different garden tasks.  ParkerBrand is a good manufacturer to look at for petrol strimmers, with their models coming in at under £100.

With spring on the way, many of us will be eager to get back into our gardens and make them look nice in preparation for the summer.  A strimmer is an invaluable tool that every gardener should consider investing in.  If you keep the above advice in mind and choose one that is most suitable for your own lawn and your own needs, you won’t cut a blade wrong.