Indoor gardens can be much more than an everlasting spider plant that you admittedly always forget to water. By sprouting seeds to be re-potted outdoors, or simply adorning your windowsill with vibrant little characters, you can create an indoor Eden to help bring the sunshine indoors this summer.

Here are our favourite ways to introduce a little botanical beauty into your home.

Top 5 ways to bring nature indoors 1

1)    Succulents & cacti

If you’re looking for an entry-level gardening project that even novices can’t go wrong with, succulents and cacti are the perfect way to introduce a little greenery into your home. With little attention needed, these durable little plants will flourish even if you water them infrequently.

You can buy these pre-potted or get crafty with an empty fish bowl to create your very own mini garden. Fill a third of the glass with compost and decorative stones, and carefully arrange your plants.

2) Herbs and spices

How about a little indoor garden that you can really make use of? Sprouting your own herbs and spices makes cooking much more exciting. A slight fragrant addition to your kitchen with coriander, parsley and mint to hand will inspire some fantastic culinary creations.

You can buy seeds in your local garden centre and select supermarkets, they grow in no time at all as long as you keep them in a relatively warm space where natural light can get to them.

3) Moderate the temperature

Many of us are quite guilty of casting our potted plants aside in cold and forgotten areas of the home, only to wonder why they didn’t actually sprout.

For beautiful blooming plants, you need to ensure they are safe from fluxing temperatures. Conservatories usually make a fantastic space for growing plants, particularly if you have a specially-designed space that stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A well-ventilated and well-insulated conservatory or garage could act like a greenhouse for your indoor greenery to sprout.

Top 5 ways to bring nature indoors 2

4) Sprouting indoors for the outdoors

Your home can provide protection from bugs and birds that may feast on your sprouting plants, so why not start your plants off indoors, to be re-potted outside at a later date?

Put your seedlings in a tray to line windows where natural light pours in. Adding a film of plastic over the top will create humidity to fast track the growth of your plants. Once they’ve started to grow, you can transfer them into a new space that allows their roots to spread out.

5) Upcycled plant pots

Making use of old items as plant beds adds a gorgeous handmade touch to your indoor garden. Filling old glass bottles or tin cans with sprouting seeds harks back to vintage eras when nothing went to waste. Adding character to your home with these quirky little additions is a great way to show off your creative flair.