You might be surprised to know that a lot of people don’t use their garden. Despite it being one of the main things buyers look for in a property when they actually move in, they spend little time out there. If you think this is ‘my family’, then it’s time to make a change. After all, there is so much that you can do in the garden that is great for the whole family. As discussed in this article, raking the lawn for just half-hour burns over 130 calories.

Therefore, gardening is an excellent way to help you to maintain a healthy weight. It’s also perfect for reducing stress if you get outside in the sunshine. The area also offers a lot for kids to do which beats sitting inside on their devices. Here are 11 simple ways for your family to make use of your amazing garden.

Host a party outside

When we have guests over, we are likely to entertain them in the dining room or kitchen. However, the garden is such a large space that would be ideal for your guests. Therefore, next time you want to have guests over for an event or an occasion, you should consider the garden as the location to host them. For one thing, you won’t have to worry about them spilling anything as it will just go on the lawn.

You could even use plastic cups and plates which you can throw in the bin after the party! As well as this, the kids can all play together in the garden for the party and won’t disappear to their rooms. You can decorate the garden so that it looks lovely for the event by getting a canopy for the garden. That way, your guests can have shade from the sun (or dreaded rain). Also, if the party is going to be outside in the evening, you might want to hang up some fairy lights so that you can create a great atmosphere.

Start growing fruit and vegetables

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is one of the best ways to use your garden. It’s therapeutic, so it’s great for easing stress out of your life. It’s also rewarding as you watch the seeds grow into delicious fresh fruit and vegetables. Additionally, it’s great for kids to see how the process works.

Involve them when you decide what to plant in your garden and let them choose what they fancy eating. Then let them help you water them every day and they will feel they have achieved something when they are ready to be eaten. Also, growing your own fruit and vegetables is an excellent way to save money on your shopping. You won’t have to keep buying fresh groceries as you will already have them in your backyard!

It’s also a lot healthier eating them organic than buying them from the supermarket. They tend to taste better fresh as well! If you want to earn some extra money, you could consider investing in a greenhouse. You can then start selling your own fruit and vegetables to friends and family that you grow in there! You can find greenhouses for your garden from companies such as SW Greenhouses.

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Get a pond full of fish

A lot of people are adding a pond to their garden as it’s can improve the look of the property and is ideal for the whole family. Your kids can go out there and look at the fish and it’s an ideal starter pet for them. You can show them exactly how you take care of the fish, and it will teach them the importance of caring for wildlife. As well as this, the sounds from the pond can actually be quite soothing for your whole family. It will give your family a purpose to go outside in the garden more. Just make sure it’s fenced so that your kids aren’t at risk.

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Build a shed for storage

We are always running out of space for items for our garden. It can often stop us going out there as there is nowhere to keep everything. Therefore, make the most of your garden by buying a shed out there. It’s ideal for keeping all your tools and outdoor equipment that you need to for your garden. It’s also perfect for housing your kid’s outdoor toys and bikes so that they don’t end up scattered across the lawn. Or as we discussed before, you could even use a shed as an outdoor office or gym. That way, you can overlook the garden while you are working out!

Start growing more plants

Gardening is a great way to boost your mood and relieve stress from your body. No wonder there is a such a high wait for allotments! Therefore, get outside and make use of your garden by growing plants. Not only will it help your backyard look more appealing, but it will also give you a new hobby to enjoy outside in the garden. You can also get your kids to get involved and help you grow various plants. After all, gardening is a free and fun activity that you can do as a whole family. Here is some help on growing healthy plants for beginners.

Make an alfresco dining area

We all love eating outside when we are away on holiday. Therefore, bring your holiday to your home by eating al fresco in your garden. That way, you are using your garden more and are getting to eat in the fresh air. You need to decide where you want the dining area in your garden. You ideally need decking or patio where you can put your outdoor furniture.

You might want to install this yourself or get a contractor to lay it for you. Then you can find many beautiful outdoor table and chairs which you can use to enjoy food outside. That way, you have somewhere for guests to eat when they come over to your home too! Remember to add a BBQ to your garden so that you can even cook outside in the fresh air!

Add a children’s play area

In the modern world, children are spending more time playing on devices. Therefore, get them outside by adding a children’s play area. It might be that you build a playhouse for them to sit and play in with their friends. It’s ideal for also housing their toys so that they don’t end up on your lawn.

You could also buy some playground furniture such as a slide and swing set that they can play on. It will allow your children to have some fresh air and will ensure that the garden is being regularly used! You might even want to add a basketball net and a football goal so that they can keep fit while outside!

Buy a chimenea for a date night

Rather than heading out for a date night with your other half, you could spend the evening outside in front of a chimenea! The freestanding heater has grown in popularity over the last few ways. After all, they are ideal for setting a romantic atmosphere and also for keeping you warm on colder nights. As well as using it for date nights, you can get it out to keep your guests warm during those late-night parties!

Install a hot tub in your backyard

One of the most popular things you can add to your garden is It will definitely encourage you to go outside more if you have a relaxing jacuzzi to relax in with your family.

They do range from around £1000, so it’s not the cheapest option in the world. However, you can get some great inflatable ones for a couple of hundred pounds which you can then put away in the shed or garage.

Add a unique water feature

A lot of people add a unique water feature to their garden as it’s appealing and can add value to their home. A fountain is a popular choice as it looks amazing. It also doesn’t take up much space and won’t take long to install. Like a pond, it’s also a relaxing and soothing feature. Therefore, look at different water features to add aesthetic appeal to your garden.

Make it a haven

You can also do your bit for the environment by getting wildlife to flock to your garden. The easiest way of doing this is by installing a bird feeder and bath for your garden. It’s a great way to draw birds to your garden which will be delightful for your kids. Just make sure that you keep it full so that they keep visiting regularly. You can find out more about making your garden more wildlife-friendly in this link.

Also, you could even consider adding a chicken pen to your garden. Chickens can make great pets as they can provide you with eggs every day that you can use and sell. It’s also an excellent way to teach your kids about nature and wildlife!