Linking indoor and outdoor spaces has been a key homes trend in recent years and Pilkington United Kingdom Limited are leading the way when it comes to developing the kind of intelligent glazing that underpins this look. Their Pilkington Activ™ range offers new solutions for anyone wanting to create a chic, contemporary space, that combines interior and exterior designs.

Pilkington Activ

As the world’s first self-cleaning glass, it blends aesthetic appeal with the most up to date solar-control and energy-efficient properties. Designed with easy maintenance in mind, it uses weather to break down dirt, washing organic matter away and helps reduce the need for additional cleaning.
It means it can be employed in large-scale projects or on hard-to-reach areas, making Pilkington Activ™ an ideal choice for modern favourites like the glass box and kitchen extensions, orangeries and conservatories.

Pilkington United Kingdom Limited Brand & Marketing Communications Manager, Julia Berkin, said: “Choosing the right glazing is the perfect way to bring our indoor and outdoor spaces together and to help people make the most of the light and space they have.

“In the past householders were concerned by issues like size and access – how would they clean and maintain large areas of glass? Would their glass extension be too hot or cold?

“Our Pilkington Activ™ range has been designed to overcome these challenges – by providing a high performance, hard-wearing but visually appealing solution that will look amazing for years to come.”

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