People who are lucky enough to have a garden usually try to use it to its fullest extent. There’s so much you can do with that extra outdoor space, from space for the kids to play to somewhere to have dinner parties in the summer. But often when you’re out in the garden it feels like you’re completely cut off from the house. That isn’t ideal when you want to watch your children while they’re playing, or perhaps cook in the kitchen while your guests are sitting outside. To make your house and garden feel like they’re part of the same package, you can improve the flow between them. By doing things such as having large doors opening into the garden, you can move seamlessly from house to garden.

Add Hanging Plants Inside and Out

Putting hanging baskets on the side of your house can help to bring the garden closer to the house. Often it feels as if there’s a gap between the house and garden, especially if there’s decking or a patio between the house and lawn. Hanging plants over the patio makes sure that the garden continues right up to the house. You can also add plants inside, so there’s green space in the house as well as out. Plant pots are great, but hanging plants give a unique touch to your indoor space. But be sure not to hang anything that will drip water everywhere when you water it or at least make sure it’s somewhere you can wipe up the mess.

Open It Up

A brilliant way to improve the flow between your house and garden is to open up the space between them. You can leave big doors open in the summer and still give you a view of the garden when the weather’s not good enough to sit outside. Many people opt for sliding French doors, but bi-fold doors are great if you really want to open up space. They fold right back, so you get the most out of your garden. And they’re excellent for seeing into or out of the house if some of the family is indoors and some are outside.

Genius Ways to Improve the Flow Between Your House and Garden - Bring Outdoors Indoors

Add a Canopy or Awning

Adding a structure or something for shade onto your house draws it out into the garden. With a roof or canopy over your heads, while you sit in the shade, you’ll feel like you’re half inside and half outside. The house will flow more naturally into the garden, and you’ll have a fantastic area to sit and watch what’s happening both inside and outside the house.

Make Your Garden a Living Area

You can take the garden into the house by adding plants, but you can also take the house into the garden. Use sofas, coffee tables and other living room type furniture to create comfortable areas to sit in the garden. If your house is a home, there’s no reason your garden shouldn’t be home too.