Island Style

Natural woods, plenty of white, greys and a smattering of black are the winning combination in this spacious Cape Town kitchen. While practicality was the key requirement, it also needed to be a space the family could congregate in, so a large central island was a must – both for food preparation and easy get-togethers.

This island also offers plenty of storage, with deep pot drawers and baskets. A pantry cupboard with spice racks and baskets is equally handy, while a separate scullery offers further storage for all the extras. An interesting detail that adds an old-world feel to this modern kitchen is the chimney mantle above the stove that conceals the extractor fan.

Central focus

Today, you’ll encounter few homes without a counter, island or kitchen table adding cosy appeal.
Here’s what to remember when setting yours up:

  • The open space between the island or table and kitchen cupboards must be at least 900mm wide for easy movement.
  • Consider the kitchen’s ergonomics: it’s incredibly inconvenient if the cook has to walk around the counter.
  • Grab the opportunity to install deep drawers.
  • In a spacious kitchen, an island offers one of the best ways in which to fully utilise the space; it not only increases the working surface, but also offers extra potential space above it: utensils, pots and pans can be hung on a steel frame, or glasses can be arranged attractively on chrome shelves, bar style.
  • Make lighting above the island a striking focal point with two or three pendant lights.