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Does it give me much space?

It’s so important that you choose a shower enclosure which will give you enough space in the morning. After all, we have so many products we use that need to be placed in the enclosure. And there’s nothing worse than getting ready in the morning in a tiny shower enclosure. Therefore, you should measure it and step inside to see if it’s going to be big enough for your use in the bathroom. A lot of people are choosing a double cubicle so that they have more space. And it can be good if two of you want to go in the shower at once!

Is it easy to clean?

You need to make sure you are choosing a shower enclosure that is going to be easy to clean. After all, you don’t want something which is going to take you forever to give it a good scrub. Therefore, ask for details on how you can clean the shower enclosure when you are in store. You want to choose one which comes with a protective coating. It is a barrier which stops staining from water, and it ultimately makes the glass easier to clean!

Does it fit with the rest of the furnishings?

When you are looking for a new shower enclosure, you need to make sure it will go with the rest of the bathroom. It needs to fit the style that you want to create in the room. For example, if you have a cast iron bath, it’s not going to look great next to an ultra-modern shower! Therefore, make sure it’s to the same style before you make a purchase. You can look on brand’s sites such as Dilusso Showering to find a design which will fit your room’s style.

Is it going to overpower the room?

You also need to measure the shower enclosure so that you know if it’s going to overpower the room. You don’t want something which will make your bathroom look smaller than it is. Therefore, choose wisely when picking your shower enclosure. You might prefer to go for something such as recessed shower enclosure. It’s excellent for small bathrooms as it leaves space free for other furniture. Or even a walk-in shower might be better to ensure you still leave space for the rest of the items in the bathroom.

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Remember to check if you can add any extras when you buy your shower enclosure. For example, some storage in the enclosure would be ideal for holding all your vanity items, while a seat would be good if you have issues with your mobility.