One of the top rooms in our property we love to decorate is the bathroom. After all, there are a wealth of opportunities when it comes to decor for this room. However, it can become more of a challenge if you are faced with a small bathroom. After all, you still want to include all the important features, but you are limited to space. Therefore, here are some space-savings tips for your bathroom.

Space-Saving Tips


Add cupboards under the sink

It’s easy to end up with a ton of items that you want to store in your bathroom. But if you are limited for space, it can make it harder to fill your bathing quarters with all your products. But even if you don’t have room for a free standing set of drawers in your bathroom, you could always opt for a cupboard which lives under your sink. After all, this won’t take up any extra room in your bathroom. And it will have a wealth of room for all your essentials if you are short on space. You can either buy a vanity unit which has the cupboards already built in. Or you could even get some separate drawers which can attach to the sink. And a slim wire storage unit with shelves which lives around the sink would also be good to hold those essentials!

Go for a shower bath

A lot of people opt for a four-piece suite so that they can have the benefit of a bath and a separate shower cubicle. After all, it can mean you can vary between baths and showers depending on how you feel. But when you have little space, it can be hard to fit both a shower and bath plus a sink and toilet in the room. However, if you want to save some room, you should look into shower baths. These combine the two so that you can have the best of both worlds in your bathing quarters without taking up a ton of room. And they can still be attractive in your bathroom. For example, you can go for a cute p-shaped design which will look fabulous in your bathroom! Therefore, consider this rather than two separate units to save some space.

Use window sills and sink tops to your advantage

You might not have room for extra storage facilities like freestanding drawers and shelves in your bathroom. And that means you might have little space for things which can add character like photos and flowers. However, you should attempt to make the most of the space you do have in your bathing quarters. For example, you should consider using window sills to your advantage. You might have a little space which you can use to put a small vase or a couple of candles. And those sink tops can also be ideal for little ornaments which are perfect for your theme. For example, a small ship would be ideal for your beach theme! Therefore, make the most of all your room in the bathroom!

And while it can be disappointing to have little room in the bathroom, there are some benefits. For one thing, less space means less to clean which is always a bonus!