You might think that a small kitchen is a deal breaker, but with some smart storage solutions, it doesn’t have to be.

small kitchen

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Although a small kitchen can be harder to cook in, there are lots of ways you can make the most of the space that you have.

To utilise your kitchen space, have a read of these helpful tips.

If you own your home, consider a more open plan style of living. Knock down the walls that separate your kitchen from the rest of the house, as this will make your kitchen feel a lot bigger.

Before knocking down any walls, make sure to consult a builder in case one of your walls is a supporting one.

To increase the amount of storage you have in your kitchen, invest in cupboards that reach the ceiling. It’s surprising how much extra storage space you can get from just a couple of inches. Make sure to use the top shelves for bit and bobs that you don’t use regularly, as you may find them hard to reach.

Make sure to take advantage of wall space. You can use any spare wall space for shelves and hooks for extra storage. These can be used for hanging utensils and even storing pots and pans on.

If you are moving from a house with a larger kitchen to one with a smaller kitchen, you may need to rethink your appliances. It might be worthwhile looking into investing in a more compact oven or fridge. Have a look online at products from sites like Cameo Kitchens appliances, this will give you an idea of sizes.

If possible, make sure that the cooker, fridge and sink are all within a close distance of each other. Although this won’t make your kitchen roomier, it will make it more efficient and easier to keep in order.

If you are planning on fully redesigning your kitchen, opt for lighter colours over darker ones. Light colours are great for making small rooms look a lot larger than they are. You could also use a mirror to reflect more light into the room; however you will need to be careful of where you place it. After all, no one wants a food splattered mirror in their kitchen.

If you have a sizeable area in the middle of the room that is just wasting space, invest in a moveable island counter. They aren’t too expensive and are great for adding extra storage and worktop space. Plus, with a couple of stalls an island can easily double as a makeshift breakfast bar, perfect for those busy mornings.

If you have large pieces of culinary equipment that you rarely use, such as a cake platter, consider using storage elsewhere in your house for it. If you don’t need easy access to items regularly, there is no need to over-crowd your kitchen with them. If you have a shed or outhouse, perhaps you could invest in one or two storage crates and store spare kitchen utensils inside them.

If your dream house comes with a small kitchen, don’t despair. There are so many different ways you can make the most of the space you have.