If you’ve ever had to live in a place where you make fires from wood to keep warm, you’ll know that you don’t start gathering your wood when the snowfalls. You do it well in advance. The same goes for prepping your home for winter. Why wait until the air turns cold before you get to work on making it extra cosy? Take care of the following tasks during spring and summer – when you’re outside of your home most of the time anyway and the prices are cheaper – and have everything in place for the perfect home when the nights start to draw in.

Boosting the Comfort

In the winter, it’s all about keeping the chill at bay and having a home that’s full of warmth and comfort. Get a bathroom radiator from the experts and you’ll be able to enjoy the utter luxury that is a warm towel once you’ve stepped out of the shower. If you really want to be nice and warm when it’s cold outside, you could also look at adding underfloor heating to your bathroom. A warm towel and warm feet when it’s freezing outside? Sounds like heaven.

Home More Comfortable
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Keeping the Heat In

You don’t want to know how much heat you’ll be losing if your home isn’t sufficiently insulated. When the weather is fine, look at doing the big jobs – such as adding insulation to your loft or changing your windows so they’re double glazed. You can change the windows now because the cool breeze will be quite welcome during the height of summer, and then you’ll get to enjoy them all over again when the winter comes.

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Reviewing the Floor

You walk on it every day, and that’s why making any drastic changes to your floor is usually postponed. But if you’re serious about using the spring and summer seasons to make long term alterations to your home, then it could be the time to look at your flooring. Tiles and wooden floors will only make the cold weather more pronounced – could it be the time to go for carpet instead? You won’t mind the exposed floor when you’re on the way to garden, but might when you’re running to put the hot water on for a shower when it’s -5 outside.

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Work on the Nook

You’ve got a shed, the weather is nice, and you have no objection at all to spending long hours outside in the sunlight. This is the time to get to the drawing board and investigate whether it’s possible to create a cosy nook for your home. They’re relatively easy to make: all you need is a windowsill that’s converted to a seating area with some well-placed pieces of wood and a few pillows. In autumn, you’ll be able to spend long hours reading as you watch the snowfall outside. Basically, this task will epitomise all the differences between summer and winter. You’ll be using your body and the good weather to build it, and then using it to hibernate during the winter months. Perfect!

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