One of the most well-loved parts of a home is the living room. It’s where you and your family go to relax after a busy day. If the room is looking tired and losing its cosy feel, then transform your space with these simple tips.

These Cosy Living Room Ideas are Ones You’ll Want to Try

Add Texture

When it comes to interior design texture is often overlooked, but it is an important part of any living space. Texture adds depth and an intimate feel to a room. Metallics are a unique choice, whether it be a picture frame or decor on a bookshelf.

Alternatively, try wallpaper in a small print on a feature wall, offset by a print on a sofa across the room that is in the same colour.

Fireplace Addition

Add a fireplace to your room to make it even warmer and more inviting. A fireplace provides a useful heating addition to any room, but especially where your family spends most of their time.

The fireplace also adds a comfortable ambience to a living room with its bright flames, all within a safe enclosure from Stone Wood or another reputable source. Wall-mounted electric fires, for instance, heat a room while also providing a stylish addition to the home interior.

A Sofa Blanket (or Two)

A throw blanket can instantly make furniture look cosier than before. For example, draping a red one against a cream-coloured sofa will make both colours stand out. If you have a feature wall, opt for something that matches the colour to brighten the room.

More importantly, the plush throw is warm to wrap around you. Imagine snuggling into the blanket with a good book. Choose one that is machine washable, just in case anything spills on it, for an easy clean.

Books Add Atmosphere

Books give a human quality to a living room, filling it with understated beauty. The look of well-organized bookshelves has a chic and comfy look.

In addition to the traditional approach of lining them up on shelves, why not pile them on top of a mantle? Or, how about atop a coffee table? Old books look terrific bundled with twine as a table centrepiece or within a birdcage on the end table beside the sofa.

If you want to delve into stories, create a snug reading nook in the living room with a padded bench to sit on. You can brighten up the area by updating your window. It’s all set to be your happy place.

Inspiring a Cosy Atmosphere

Coming home to a soothing living room is something to look forward to, especially if it’s after a long workday. Create a peaceful space with the additions suggested above, from adding a fireplace to putting a few soft blankets around the room.

Lastly, use personal touches to complete the room, including photos of family and friends. Surround yourself with treasures you’ve gotten over the years as well; doing so will make it truly a place you want to relax in and feel good about every time you enter it.