Bringing Daylight into the Home

Kiran Singh

Waking up to daylight spilling in through the windows always puts me in better mood. It really lifts my spirits and helps me get ready to face the day.


Many of us feel that in order to truly escape, we must be strolling on a beach in Bali or at a retreat somewhere distant from our reality. I want to share how you can create your own wellness hub just by including certain design elements to your home.

Does your space make you happy? It is vital to surround yourself in an uplifting and positive environment, as this plays a major role in your overall wellness. With so many of us living such busy lives, coming back to a home that brings tranquillity is a must.

Whether you have a small cosy bedroom or love to keep sentimental items in your retro living room, bringing natural light into your home can offer a real transformation and give the illusion of having more space. A growing trend to gain more natural light is through vertical windows. Vario by VELUX offers vertical windows with an aesthetically pleasing touch that are practical and easy to incorporate in the design process.

Having an ill-lit room can affect your eyesight greatly, and make you feel like you are constantly squinting whilst reading your favourite novel. Optimising natural light within the home is a great way to open your space and reduce the amount of artificial lighting needed. This in the long-term makes living more cost-effective. In addition, you could even end up spending more time in previously darker rooms, hence maximising your space.

Overall, natural light has been proven to have a clear association with physical and mental wellbeing. Exposure to natural light on a regular basis can improve your sleep, eyesight and contribute towards making you more productive. Make your home a sanctuary of wellness by including more natural light today.

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