Kitchens are, for sure, heart of your home; a rendezvous for a family. Often, kitchens are ignored as compared to rest of the house, whereas this part of home deserves your attention. If you don’t give much attention, it’s probably you don’t have much creative ideas to organize and decorate it practically. If you didn’t do the same, that’s Ok!

Read the following trends and ideas this would make your kitchen the best!!

  1. Organize Kitchen Cupboards:

It all depends whether you want to have glass-door cabinets or the wooden ones. Whichever you choose, make sure it has enough space to display essentials as well as be able to organize stuff like wine, recipe books, photographs etc. if you have got the space above cabinets, use it! Place some vases, flowers, baskets, cook books etc to keep the work in flow.

  1. Beautify The Sink:

You might like to have a window above your sink or a plate rack. A rack gives you easy and quick access to plates and cups, which is preferable! However, no need to worries in case of a window. The choice is yours! You can have a beautiful and soothing view during the boring dishwashing task. Space around the sink and windows can be decorated ideally with pots and spice jars.

  1. Showoff Your Wine Collection:

Of course, your favorite wines cannot be neglected. One of the luxurious styles is to display your collection on a cellar or a built-in rack in cupboard. A nook in the table is an option you won’t ignore. For big spaces, a mini-bar is a good idea. So do consider it. A small space in island gives stylish look to your kitchen. Whatever style you choose, make sure it is easily accessible.

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  1. Utilize Island to Its Fullest:

Island usually is quite spacious and strategically designed. It is highly recommended that use the spaces wisely and get most out of it. It serves the purpose of a dining table as well as that of storage. It provides reachable and safe place for cook books, small utensils, glass pots etc. island trends are on rise and are very practical. So when you think to renovate your kitchen, don’t forget to consider setting up island over there.

  1. Shelve Your Kitchen:

The most popular kind of shelves is open shelves. They are cost effective, accessible, easy to manage and maintain as well as spacious. It’s entirely up to you whether you like open shelves, cabinets or a mixture of both! If you don’t use heavy items like appliances often, you can place them on top; more appropriately in cabinets. Frequently used items like, dishes and glassware can be placed on lower reachable shelves. Other small kitchen tools should be kept in drawers or covered cabinet. Make sure, you don’t over crowd the shelves; it would kill the purpose of beautifying your kitchen. The regular dusting of open shelves is extremely important as they get dirty very quickly. Coloring the shelves is up to your taste and decoration.

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