Those buildings you see abandoned on the side of the river or in poor countries where hygiene is limited due to resources is a big concern regarding mold, and even more so, black mold.

If you aren’t sure whether it is toxic or not, it’s best to bring someone in, if not to carry out the cleaning process, at least to give you an assessment and professional advice.

Mold can be harmful to us, especially children, but also our belongings and property, so the quicker we deal with it the less damage it is likely to cause. And once we are aware of it and how to treat it, we can also take measures to prevent it. With the help and advice of the professionals of course.

Mold Specialist Tips – Signs You Need A Mold Inspection or Removal

Where does it come from?

Mold enjoys wet environments, also known sometimes as mildew it is a natural necessity of nature and helps break down dead organic matter. As amazing as that may sound to some nature geeks, I’m not a fan.

Mold indoors, however, can be quite toxic, and can severe consequences if not dealt with correctly and quickly. Click here and read up on the symptoms and health issues that could arise if not taken care of.

Believe it or not, mold is everywhere, and a talent that is quite annoying is that it can grow on practically any surface where there is a hint of moisture. Can you say let’s move to the desert quickly enough?

Mold produces spores or seeds which spread through the air, and when they land on a substance with suitable moisture content, they set up shop. A small amount in the home when it first appears is not that harmful, but do we want to risk it? Get rid and get out I say.

Calling in the professionals.

Seeing a glimmer of the toxic relative getting out the taxi in front of your house can make us shudder, and while it’s too late to send them packing now, we can do something the minute we spot any sign of mold.

There are signs to look for when knowing when to call in a mold removal company and to make things easier for you, visit this mold removal services site for a quick link to expert advice and quality of service.

Now, do a walk around your home and see if the windows build up condensation in extreme weather changes and conditions, this is a prime location for mold to set up camp. A humidifier in the house could help in certain situations, drying the air of moisture content and keeping you safe.

An easier indication are spots, we’ve all seen them, even smelled them, brown or dark green or worse, black. These tell us mold is present, we just need to get to the extent of it. If you haven’t already smelt it as you walk in, it might be deeper than expected.

An obvious one is water leakage or damage, especially prominent to basements and cellars, the musty atmosphere is like New year’s Eve for mold, so be sure to check. A professional company will, of course, come in and do a full home assessment and inspection.

How to choose a mold removal company.

When looking for a company that will help with your situation, you will have questions and they should be able to answer without hesitation, if they are uhm-ing and ahh-ing, this raises a red flag and I advise you to look elsewhere, your health will be in their hands after all.

Ask the company to conduct a before and after test to show results and efficacy of the process once it’s complete. Use 2 different companies if possible to get an accurate assessment of the job that was done without causing a conflict of interest by using just the one firm.

Another good way would be for either you or them, to take photos and document the process. Some companies already have this practice in place which I recommend looking into, as well as how well the area is contained during the procedure. No point having them come in and they end up spreading it and making it worse than when they started.

You can, of course, have a mold remediation firm come in and do an evaluation, and say if it is necessary to bring in a removal company or it’s possible to tackle it by yourself. Check out this tips guide to using a remediation company and what to ask or look for.

It can be daunting if this is your first time, so take it slow, do your research and read reviews on company websites of possible options you are looking at.

3 Factors to look for in a mold removal company.

• Research. Make sure to do your research, browse through the website, read past customer reviews and comments and speak to people in the business if they have heard of these companies and their opinions on their services.

• Experience. Look for reputable companies that have been in business for a long time. You want someone with expertise in the field and not a college graduate who just started his own company with daddy’s money.

• Cost-Effective. Don’t dive into what might seem like a good deal just because the price looks great. Often the service and quality match the quote and you could end up paying more than you bargained for by having to hire in a new company to fix the mess of the first option. Cheaper is not always better.

Either way, you need to take care of yourself and your family. Mold has no place in your home, and certainly no place on your lungs. The last thing we want is our little people running around and not realizing they are breathing in toxic spores. Horrible.

Take your time, go with your gut and choose a company that is going to look after you in the way you deserve.