When you’re renovating your first home, there are some essentials you will need and some things you may not have even considered. In this post, we will cover some of the things you might need to carry out when renovating a house. We will also cover how to make sure your renovation project is as safe and smooth-running as possible. Keep reading to find out more.

Renovating Your First Home Here Are Some Things You May Need

Hiring A Surveyor

Even before you purchase a property, you need to make sure you hire a surveyor to have a look around and carry out an in-depth search for potential problems that could arise. These could be issues such as dampness, mould problems, roof damage, and subsidence. These kinds of issues can be expensive to repair, and significantly affect your budget for the renovation. Spotting them before the purchase of the property goes through can help you avoid them affecting your plans before it’s too late. Many mortgage providers will have a surveyor that carries out an inspection on a property before you are offered a mortgage. However, these inspections can sometimes be quite surface-level and basic, so it’s worth hiring your own surveyor to carry out a more in-depth search.

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Damp proofing

If you notice wet walls, staining, or bubbling wallpaper, this could be due to a damp problem. Very minor damp can be treated using simple tactics such as damp treatment paint. However, if there is severe rising damp, then you will need to take professional action to eradicate it as it can affect the structural safety of a building. This involves a damp proofing treatment, which will need to be carried out by a specialist.

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Pest Control

Some renovation properties, especially those that have been empty for a long time, can often become infested with pests such as bees and wasps, rats, mice, and moths. It can be difficult to eradicate a pest population yourself, and you need to ensure they are gone before continuing with the renovation. If you need expert pest control in Bristol, then visit advancepestcontrolbristol.com. It’s important to note that some species are not considered common pests and need to be handled by specialists in order for you not to be breaking the law. If you discover species such as bats or owls in the rooftops, then you are legally obligated to halt all renovation work and have them relocated by specialist conservators.

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Improving Insulation

Many renovation projects are buildings that are older and build to a different standard than current properties. For this reason, many may have poor insulation both in the walls and in features such as doors and windows. Improving insulation is a great way to make a property more comfortable to live in as well as add value if you’re planning to sell it. Some of the best ways to improve insulation include adding double or triple glazing, replacing old doors, and having insulation added to the roof space.

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