Looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly in your life? Many people are doing this right now which is fantastic to see and there are many big and small changes that you can make that will make a difference to the environment. In addition to reducing your impact, you might find that these changes improve your life in other ways too.

How to be More Environmentally Friendly

Buy an Electric Car

One of the biggest and most effective steps to take is to switch to an electric car. Electric cars produce less greenhouse gases, meaning that you can do your same trips in a greener way. In a time when fuel costs are skyrocketing, this is also a sensible financial move to make that will allow you to make big savings in the long term. There are also many excellent models available now and a constantly improving charging infrastructure.

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Use LEDs

A smaller step to take but another one that can make a big difference is switching old incandescent lightbulbs for LED bulbs. LEDs are as much as 80% more efficient and produce the same output, which means that you are using much less energy and they will last much longer. Not only is this good for the environment, but it will also help to lower your energy bills in a time when the cost of energy is a major problem.

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Do you find yourself throwing away a huge amount of food? This is a massive waste with a lot of this food going to landfills or other more costly forms of treatment. Instead of feeling bad about wasting food and wondering where it ends up, composting is a smart way to use scrap or even go off food and it reduces your impact on the environment. Compost can be used as a nutrient-rich food product for the garden that will improve the soil condition and keep your plants happy and healthy.

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Everyone knows that recycling is important, but many people are not doing enough and end up throwing away items that could be recycled. This is why you should check every label (and try to buy only recyclable products) and make it easy for people in your house to separate garbage and recycling. You should also recycle other items wherever possible, such as selling/donating clothing and furniture and taking large items to a recycling centre.

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If you want to lead a greener lifestyle and do your part to combat climate change, these are a few of the best areas to focus on. There are many ways to reduce your environmental impact and you will often find that taking these measures can improve your life in a number of ways in addition to giving you peace of mind knowing that you are doing your bit.

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