Downlights are created to provide a strong and clear lighting solution in a compact space. In order to do it, engineers have to make use of the latest lighting technologies and apply them to downlights. Over the years, traditional lighting systems have been used. However, these days, LED downlights are gaining more popularity.

3 Layers of Home Lighting

Energy efficiency

Traditional downlights require a transformer so that 240-volt electricity can be reduced to 12 volts. It was thought that low voltage meant better energy efficiency. This is not necessarily the case. On the other hand, GU 10 rated LED downlights need no transformer. There is no need to reduce the voltage. It is already energy-efficient on its own.

Other options like halogen lighting might also be energy efficient but they easily get hot. This results in a greater risk of fire. On the other hand, LED downlights are more stable. This is the reason why they have started to become more popular.

Better lighting

When LED downlights were first introduced, their illumination was not necessarily that strong. Hence, they did not catch on quickly. Eventually, better downlights were invented. They are now more effective but also have unparalleled energy efficiency.

Longer lasting

When it comes to longevity, LED lights are also better. They can last for up to 50,000 hours or even more depend on how often you use them. On the other hand, halogens last for only 5,000 hours and incandescent bulbs for just 1,000 hours.

Cost could be a problem

The downside is that LED downlights might be more expensive than other options. This is due to the number of LEDs necessary to produce a clear downlight, which is as intense as a halogen light. However, before writing off LED downlights, you need to understand how much you are going to save in the long run.

LED downlights will last for a very long time. You won’t have to keep replacing them. Remember the concept of energy efficiency? If an LED downlight requires less energy to function, you will have lower electric bills to pay. On the other hand, if you go with traditional downlighting options, and you leave them on for a long time, your electric bills will be more expensive. Up to 90% of energy can be saved with LED lights.

Given these reasons, it is clear that LED downlights are a better choice. You should start changing the traditional lighting systems you currently use for LED lighting solutions. You can go to your local stores to buy these LED downlights or simply go online. Check out Aurora Lighting for more information about the best-LED downlights to match your home lighting needs.

3 Layers of Home Lighting
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