The heat and hurricanes in the summer months cause endless damage to many homes. Some are visible, while others may be hidden. Therefore, before the winter kicks in, you should check your home, especially the roofing, for any damage signs. It is also true for people living in Pennsylvania; they must tackle summer, rain, and storms together.

So, this year, even if you do not see any signs of damage, we suggest you look through the roof clearly and if you find the following symptoms, immediately call the professionals. Any minor or untreated damage can lead to further significant issues in roofing. Moreover, you would not want your home’s insulation to get disturbed in winter.

Wait no more! Read on and prep your roof for the winter season.

5 Signs of Roof Damage That Homeowners Shouldn't Ignore Before Winter

  1. Curled Shingles

One of the significant signs that your roof needs restoration or replacement is curled-up shingles. According to professional roofers in Montgomery County, PA, if you find any part of the roof that is lifted, it clearly indicates water damage underneath. The water may seep through holes in the exterior walls or if there are issues in the flashing installation. However, they have the perfect solution for such a problem.

The trained professionals look through the roof condition and suggest the best treatment further. It is necessary to get the repairs done before winter because the damage may increase and cause the snow to seep in, causing further inconvenience to family members. In addition, it won’t be easy to repair in peak snow time, so do it now.

  1. Water Pooling on the Roof

It is a common issue in places with heavy or continuous rains throughout the year. Storms and hurricanes may clog the gutters. Thus, water does not find a way to drain out. If you notice water blocking your home for a long time on your roof, it may be time to get an inspection for the top along with the gutters. It is because long-standing waters may cause the wood underneath shingles to rot, thus giving way for water to get into the roof.

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  1. Roof age

If there are no damages, it is time you inspect the roof, depending on its age. You may find the shingles are now loose or cracking upon touching. It is valid for homeowners who have not had their roofs replaced in 20 years. We suggest getting professional consultation before knocking down the top with a hammer.

  1. Plant Growth on Your Roof

Do you see plant life on your roof? If yes, it signifies that you must take proactive corrective actions. Plant growth, such as moss, algae, or vines, may also cause you to have to replace the roof. You need to call the professionals to inspect your roof. They will assess if the plants have rooted deep in the top, meaning they have affected the roof’s integrity, and then replacement is the option.

If it is not the case, certain repairs & installations can solve the purpose for you. Therefore, never overlook the extra growth on the roof unless you want to spend money on replacement.

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Bottom Line

As a homeowner, you must ensure that you inspect the roofs before any weather kicks in, considering the safety of inmates. It will also help keep your utility bills in control and ensure you do not have to spend money on a replacement because of ignorance.