Eye-Catching Interior Décor Ideas That Work

Kiran Singh

Playing it safe and keeping your interiors simple is often how many people play it when it comes to their home’s style. What people don’t realise is, your home is a canvas for you to express your personality and style and the more you put into your home, the more this will shine through. From mixing colours to introducing bold furniture pieces and unique materials, there are so many amazing ways in which you can transform your interiors and really make it work.

Trendy Decorative Touches

What makes something trendy? Is it based on how many people like that particular style? Or perhaps its whatever styles are ‘trending’ the most on Instagram? Well, it can be any of the above. Having trendy features within your home will help to keep the interior style up to date and interesting, with plenty of inspiration available to you through interior design Instagram accounts, magazines and much more. By introducing trendy features to your home, you’ll instantly feel a shift in the overall aesthetic of the room in a really positive way. Take a look online at interior retailers like Buster & Punch, Made.com and John Lewis to find a huge range of trendy interior features that you can incorporate into your own décor style.

Playing with Colour

There are so many incredible ways in which you can add colour to your interiors and better still, play around with multiple colours in one space. For years, people have stuck to the traditional creams and beiges when it comes to your interiors, but it’s time to break that mould and bring your home to life.  With so many paint retailers working hard to produce the very best products, with industry leaders Farrow & Ball having a focus of “helping all of us to create more beautiful homes using less energy and fewer resources.”, you can find the right products to enhance your home without damaging the planet. The moment you introduce colour to the rooms in your home you’ll notice the whole space lift and change. Colour is a great way of expressing your personal style and with the right complementary colours, you can create a unique look for your home that will wow everyone who enters.

Eye-Catching Interior Décor Ideas That Work

Pretty with Patterns

It doesn’t matter if you introduce them through wallpaper, cushions or the rug in the living room, adding patterns to your interiors is a great eye-catching way to enhance your décor. Patterns are ideal for bringing character to any space, with so many unique designs to choose from that work best for you. If you’re unsure on how to play around with patterns, take a little risk in one cushion, throw or soft furnishing piece that you can add to a room and get used to. Once you’ve looked at that pattern long enough, you’ll know if it’s something you want to work with on a larger scale, which is where rugs and wallpaper come in.

Oversized Rugs

You’ll often find that people dress everything from the furniture up to the walls in a room, but the floor can often be neglected. Whether you have solid wood flooring, laminate sheets or carpet, there is always the opportunity to introduce an oversized rug to space. Rugs are a great way of injecting character and comfort to the home, especially when working with wooden flooring. From simple designs to those with exquisite patterns, your oversized rug will transform your interiors within an instant. Positioning your oversized rug in the centre of the room is ideal for creating a bold focal point, with additional furniture pieces positioned neatly around to really enhance the overall look.

Eye-Catching Interior Décor Ideas That Work

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