If you have just moved house, or you’re planning to find a new place soon, you may be wondering how you can make that place a little more homely. If you love the place you are in now, you may be a reluctant mover. This often happens when we have to move because of a job change or we need to be nearer to extended family. There are plenty of ways to make your new house become a wonderful home.

Top 5 Ways To Make Any House A Home

Here are the top 5:

Room plans

If you keep the room layout the same as where you are now, it will instantly feel familiar and more homely. If your sideboard was next to your favourite seat, then place it next to the seat when you move into the new place. If your last home was furnished, you could try to invest in furniture that was similar. Your landlord may even sell you some of your favourite pieces if you offer a reasonable price.


Go all out and decorate each room the way that suits you. It will instantly feel more like your home instead of a place you have stored your things. Even in corporate apartments you can bring wall art and hangings and change the drapes. A rug here and a table runner there personalize your space to your taste. Those little things, including your family photos on the sideboard, really do make any house a home.

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The quality of light in a room, particularly in the evening, can make a house feel cosy and homely. There are many colour changing and dimmable LED light bulbs on the market now. Not only can you create the lighting effect to suit you, but you can be cutting down on your energy bills at the same time! Candles are also an effective way to set a more homely mood in a strange place.

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Friends and Family

Invite your friends and family to stay. They could even help you with the move and decoration. A house filled with loved ones and laughter is instantly transformed into a warm and happy home. A glass or two of wine for a big social event will help create a relaxed atmosphere and provide you with early happy memories of your new home.

A Good Sleep

Your first night in a strange house could leave you sleepless as you listen out for every new noise and try to guess what it is. Head to bed when you are too tired to do any more cleaning, tidying and unpacking. That way you are more likely to have a really good, solid sleep. You will wake up refreshed and relaxed, ready to start your new life in the house. If you are nervous about security, make sure someone else is sleeping over in the house with you too.

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Sometimes we are reluctant movers, even though we know we need to make the best of the situation. Try to bring positivity into your move. See it as an opportunity for a fresh start. If nothing else, your cupboards can be better organized!