As we get older, the bedroom stops being our go-to spot (apart from for certain things, obviously). While it is still an ever-constant safe-haven, its role is no longer to be a refuge during difficult teenage years. In adulthood, more care and attention has to go into it than posters torn from magazines plastered all over the walls. You may not spend as much time in there as your living room, but that hardly means less effort should go into its decoration.

1. Plants

Just something small. Plants give fresh air to a room, which makes for a better night sleep and . Usually, a garden is said to be the reflection of its owners idea of paradise. Why not bring that into the area you’re supposed to feel the safest? Be sure your room has ventilation, though. Otherwise cons could outweigh positives with the tiny amount of CO2 emitted during respiration.

2. Paint

What you splash all over the walls is a reflection of your personality and moods, and it’s out in the open for visitors to see. Of course, there is also the option of wallpaper, for personalities with a little more flair. What encompasses the room dictates the rest of the decor so needs the most thought. This is the starting point for your ‘theme’.

3. Curtains

In order to create a dreamscape in the room, fit a gauze curtain underneath your decorative set. This also means you can leave the windows open for fresh air without worrying about flies getting into your room. Alternatively, buy adjustable blinds that filter the light.

4. Bedding

This is much more than something you merely wrap yourself up in. Bedding has to match the decorations around it. If you choose paint or wallpaper, there are options. For a simple colour, the matching bedspread will be easy to find. Perhaps you’d prefer more bright and floral wallpaper, something Homemaker Bedding can match.

5. Artwork

How often do you see a big painting on home makeover programmes? They fill a room, add a personal touch and can be used to compliment the aesthetics of your room. In particular, paintings or photos can match the bedding, as they are often hung at the head of the bed.

6. Leave open space

Clutter can affect your brain- you’re unable to focus and there is a proven increase in stress. Keep any fixtures such as bedside tables and wardrobes fixed to the walls. Of course, you don’t want to stub your toe when sneaking out to the bathroom in the middle of the night, either!

7. Mirrors

Mirrors create the illusion of extra space, which will only be helped if your floor is clear. It doesn’t have to be full-length and the positioning is up to you. If you also have a gauze curtain, you don’t have to fret so much about light hitting a mirror directly.

8. Your own personal touches

Little decorations around the room. Small paintings of plants, landscapes or your family. It’s your personal space, so personalise it. The walls and bedding are all your choice, but the little things still matter.

Author bio: Zoe Williamson is a journalist and blogger who is interested in home decor and writes for Homemaker Bedding.