Whether it be Disney Princess, Marvel Avengers, superheroes, fairies, cars, or even something completely off trend, your child probably has a favourite theme that they simply have to have everything in. If you are planning on redecorating your child’s bedroom they’ve probably been begging for you to do it in their favourite theme, and if you’re not a DIY expert it might seem pretty tricky or time consuming to decorate it exactly how they want. However, there are some simple ways to get around it – we’ve put together a few ideas that your child will definitely be thanking us for.

Child's Bedroom

Wall Stickers

If the idea of painting a full blown mural of all the characters from Frozen isn’t one that really appeals to you, you’ll be glad to hear that wall stickers are a viable option that will work just as well. Getting a large wall sticker to put on your child’s bedroom wall means that all you have left to do is paint the room in the theme colours – so if we’re going with the Frozen example, blue and purple is probably your best bet, and pop the wall decal above the bed to complete the look. The best thing about wall stickers is that they’re easy to remove, so when your child moves on to a different theme you can easily change it. For getting the best lines and edges when painting, why not make your life easier with JTAPE decorating tape.


When it comes to decorating a child’s room, it’s more about the accessories than it is the actual décor. For example, if your little one wants a room with a Despicable Me theme, you can get away with doing this whilst still having magnolia walls – think minion themed bedding, canvases, and cheeky minion cushions along with a bright yellow rug and they’ll be absolutely amazed.

Wallpaper Strips

Another great way to add a touch of your child’s favourite theme to their room is to add wallpaper strips. If you’re not keen on adding a whole wall of Avengers wallpaper to their room, why not buy a wallpaper strip filled with all their favourite Avengers characters to put around the walls – a much quicker and easier option, and you can even get away without repainting if you don’t think the room is in much need of a new lick of paint. Add matching accessories such as bedding, curtains and canvases and your child’s favourite theme is complete.

Do It Themselves

If your child wants to unleash their creative side, why not allow them to decorate their own room! Allocate one wall on which they can paint their own design and provide them with a number of different coloured paints in order to do it. If you’re going to go down this route it’s vital that you cover the floors and get your child a full protective apron if you don’t want to have paint everywhere. It’s also important that they’re under constant supervision.

How did you decorate your child’s room?