Everyone has an image of their dream home, and everyone wishes they can realise that dream one day. But, how many of those images are unique? Often, the picture in your head won’t be the house that want, but the house that someone else wants. All you have done is copy the style because you think it looks good.

Stylish it might look, but it isn’t personal to you or your family. As a homeowner, that is the biggest mistake you can make. After all, your home is YOUR castle and should reflect your individuality. So, is the image in your head the image of your dream home or someone else’s?

Don’t worry if the answer isn’t the one you want because you can soon change it into something more personal. All you need are a few tips and tricks that will imbue your home with a little bit of you.

Unique Home


Make It Personal

What do you like and what don’t you like? Whatever the answer, make sure you add what you like and avoid what you don’t like. Honestly, it is as simple as sticking to your preferences. Some homeowners like to follow the trends instead of their heart. When you do that, you home will end up looking like it came from a catalogue, not from weeks of hard work and planning.

Forget The Professionals

Okay, the professionals are well respected for a reason. They have put a lot of time and effort into becoming good at their jobs. But, they can also be a little snooty and pretentious. Because they are keeping up with all the latest fashions, their advice might not be relevant. I mean, what normal homeowner needs the latest piece of abstract art? For that matter, what homeowner altogether needs the latest piece of abstract art! From time to time, their recommendations can be completely out of touch with your goals.

Be Nostalgic

Have you done something in the past that was a major part of your life? Have you? Then make sure you have constant reminders in your house. There is no better way to make your home unique than to fill it with things that remind you of the good times. For example, did you go to university or go travelling in your gap year? If you did you can hang your university hoodie on the wall, or a map of the world with all the places you visited clearly marked. So why not get on the Oxford Tube and travel to Oxford and bring home some collectables?

Unique Home


Decorate With Your Hobby

Another great tip is to use your hobby for inspiration. Often, people forget that their hobbies are a big part of their lives. That sounds silly, but you get into a routine and don’t stand back and question said routine. The most obvious example would be to hang paintings or pictures you have created. If you are an artist, there is no better way to showcase your work than at home. Or, maybe you are a musician? Place a couple of strategic instruments around the house for a fantastic look. Plus, you can pick them up and play whenever you are in the mood!

Music For The Masses

As we are loosely on the topic of music, let’s address it more thoroughly. Everyone has an affiliation with music, whether you play or whether you just listen. Music is the most personal form of expression in the world because it is so subjective. One song or lyric could mean one thing to one person and another thing completely to someone else. So, even if you are not a professional musician, you can use music to personalise the home? Yes, exactly! Leave the instruments alone and concentrate on the records. Your favourite records in a frame are easy to hang around the house. Plus, it is a different way to decorate, which is exactly what you are looking for. Or, write out your favourite lyric in professional calligraphy and stick it on the wall. That way, it is a constant reminder.

Do It Yourself

What the last two tips both have in common is an element of DIY. We will talk about generic suppliers later on, but for now let’s concentrate on doing it yourself. What is more unique than something you have made? The answer is nothing. DIY is not just the result because it is also a process. The process starts by sourcing the materials and then moves onto putting them together. Next, there is the inevitable ‘where did it all go wrong stage?’ and a bit of anger. And, finally, it all comes together. Your home should tell a story. Behind every DIY project there is undoubtedly a story.

Choose Your Supplier Wisely

On the interior design market, there are hundreds and thousands of suppliers to choose from. Now, variety is a good thing because it increases the competition. When competition goes up, the prices start to come down. As a result, there are plenty of bargains waiting to be found. However, with regards to individuality, they saturate the market with similar products. Because they are looking to make money, they copy what is popular and rehash it with their name instead of their competitors. The result is that every home in a twenty-five-mile radius can look incredibly similar. Home Space Direct is a company that specialises in being different. On the whole, they are not too dissimilar to anyone else. Where they differ is they offer the customer what they want. Instead of being all for profit, they look after the customer first and foremost.


If you are not keen on looking at yourself, you should consider looking at your friends instead. Photos are incredibly personal because they mark a significant point in your life. Just like music or your hobbies, they remind you of a time when you were at your happiest. It could be a picture of you and your friends visiting the Taj Mahal, or it could be a picture of you and your friends hanging at home. It doesn’t matter what the picture represents as long as it brings back good memories.
Hopefully, that picture your head starts to morph into something a lot more personal.