Home is where the heart is – it is the place where you relax and be yourself after a hectic day at work. Renovating and remodelling your home is very important to increase its value from the viewpoint of a seller. The pleasure of relaxing on your couch while watching television is much more than enjoying a movie at the multiplex. Tips that can help you to improve your home are as follows:

Roam at Home - Create holiday style in your home

Adding greenery to your home

Bring your home back to life this summer by adding greenery to it. Go for potted plants that give a new dimension to your room. Real greenery and flowers in a room improve air quality and add value to the interior décor.

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A cheery entrance is appealing

The entrance of your home should be attractive enough to appeal to guests. Replace the hardware of the entrance door, paint it with bright colours and place potted plants nearby. Go for a nice welcome mat that adds beauty to your entrance, add a console table with a tall vase and fill it with a bunch of Pampas Stems. An appealing entrance always leaves a lasting impression in the mind of the guests.

White Small Pampas 8 Stem Bunch
White Small Pampas 8 Stem Bunch by I Saw It First

Go for the right kind of lighting

The right kind of lighting adds the perfect warmth and comfort to your home. Figure out the rooms that need lighting and go for various kinds of lights that would add the perfect glow to your room.

Wilko Natural Tripod Table Lamp
Wilko Natural Tripod Table Lamp | Bring a cool, retro-inspired twist to your sideboard or bedside table with this contemporary tripod table lamp with shade. Its sleek wooden legs will create a real design feature in your home while complementing a whole host of interior schemes.

Consider the ceiling

People only try to remodel the existing furniture, walls, or floors of a room. Rarely do people notice what is overhead? The ceiling reflects the natural light coming from the windows. So paint the ceilings with bright colours and do not forget to keep the trim white. Go for a nice light fixture that would make your ceiling eye candy!

Add a hue of red

Most people do not like red when it comes to decorating their rooms. Adding a hue of red in the form of a small cabinet or a nice flower vase adds a great touch to a room.

Go for hardware updates

Replace all the handles, door handles and latches of doors, cabinets with a new kind of hardware that makes your house look beautiful. Visit the antique shops to get hardware pieces matching your personality and the look of your house.

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Spice your stairways and hallways

Various kinds of carpet runners are ideal to add a distinctive touch to your house. Go for stair Runners ​that would add the perfect drama to the boring staircases. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the perfect hallways or stairways runners. There are a lot of websites online that can help you to get the perfect carpet runner online without any hassle.

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Stress on the corners of your house

Not every corner need to be decorated. You have to light up or decorate the corners that add that special touch to a room. Corner tables, light fixtures, lamp stands can be perfect enough to spice up the corner of your rooms.

Do not forget to renovate the cabinets, drawers of your kitchen and replace the existing light fixtures. Go for different kinds of storage cabinets that give more space to the floor of your room. Have fun with colours and break all the rules and interior décor as per your taste