Carpet adds a sense of warmth to a home that makes it more inviting and cosy. With an additional benefit of comfort and safety, carpeting can create a sense of continuity between two different floors and can round out a design to elevate any home. So in this article, we have compiled carpet ideas for stairs and landing brought to you by Carpets Southend specialists. Stay with us and we’ll help you choose among the diverse range of textures, fibres, and patterns to find the right one for you. 

Carpet Ideas For Stairs & Landing

Heavy-Duty Carpets

If you’re looking for luxury carpets that are durable enough to withstand heavy footfall areas, then wool carpets might be a good choice for you. However, if pure wool isn’t an option for you, consider choosing a wool-mix carpet for a more affordable option. Don’t scrimp on underlay and make sure to look for the Carpet Foundation Quality Mark, as a good-quality version will prolong the life of the carpet and cope with the high traffic of busy stairs and landing. Nylon is also a popular choice by homeowners with pets and children when it comes to durability and stain resistance.

Colours Suitable For Your Stairs

Mid-tones green-brown and grey-brown are the most practical, as these hall and stair carpets take the most punishing wear from outdoor footwear. You may also want to consider subtly patterned carpets with muted designs to match your staircase or home wallpaper. This way, you can freely change your home decorations without being limited by a certain colour scheme. Nonetheless, if you prefer bold and grand designs, you can select striking colours to create a contemporary monochrome staircase. 

Repetitive Patterned Carpets

Repetitive patterns work well to draw the eye along the design and helps elongate the area, particularly when continued to the stairs. Adopting a bold pattern all the way from the stairs to the landing will also effectively create a sense of continuity in your home. This simple addition can serve as a focal point to your space and will complement well with white or pale walls to accentuate the natural feel of your home without being too plain and boring. 

Practical & Safe Carpets

When deciding on the type of carpet to use for your stairs and landing, make sure to avoid carpets that are too thick since they can be a tripping hazard. Instead, it is advisable to choose a low-pile carpet for safety reasons. Plus, they are easier to clean compared to high-pile carpeting. On the other hand, if practicality is one of your priorities, choosing a black carpet will help make the scuffs and marks look less visible. You may love ivories and creams, but it may only increase the likelihood of your light carpeting to look dingy after a few weeks. So for practicality purposes, it is advisable to opt for subtle blends of contemporary darker colours that will camouflage dirt more effectively than the lighter ones. These darker hues will also create an impact on the overall interior of your home, creating a timeless and classy atmosphere.