Your cabinets play a huge role in the appearance and functionality of your kitchen. New cabinet ideas are popping, and they are better than before. They not only make the kitchen look amazing; they also give you the storage space you need. Each of the following designs come with different shelving and drawer options that you should consider before settling on one.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for 2021

Stacked cabinets

Most kitchen installers Essex can give you the best-stacked cabinetry for more storage in a small space. If you don’t want large cabinets that take all the space in your kitchen, this idea will work for you. You still get maximum storage, but you maximize the space above that could have been wasted. Go for the floor to ceiling layout, which will still give you the elegance you want in your kitchen.

Popping colours 

Bright coloured cabinets are making a comeback and proving to be one of the best ways of giving your kitchen a warmer tone. You can install cabinets that contrast with the appliances, the floors, or the walls of your kitchen to get a more dramatic effect. The best part about this is that you don’t have to follow any rules. You can use any colours you love. Work with kitchen cabinet installers Essex to get a more professional outcome.

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Glassdoor cabinets

You may have a few kitchen items that you want to show off without leaving them in the open. Glass door cabinets will do the job perfectly. You can still keep them away from children or from open spaces where they might be knocked over or broken without hiding them away completely. These cabinet designs are great for keeping family heirlooms or any other unique valuable kitchen items.

Wood finishes

Just like glass, wood is also making a comeback in kitchen cabinetry. You can choose darker or warmer wood finishes to match the kitchen tone you have. With wooden cabinets, you can have a contemporary, modern or traditional kitchen design. They give you more versatility and design options.

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Handless designs 

If you have a modern kitchen or thinking of upgrading it, these cabinet designs won’t steer you wrong. Handless cabinets give the kitchen a better flow because there won’t be any protruding elements that could knock you as you move. They also make the kitchen look sophisticated and are perfect for small and large kitchens alike. Handless designs also work for base cabinets and wall cabinets.

Discreet cabinets

One of the best ways of bringing technology in your kitchen is by having cabinetry that gives you hidden storage. You can integrate your cabinet storage with your appliances and get a sleek kitchen. The aesthetic appeal that these cabinets bring is unmatched. When installed correctly, these cabinets can hide any appliance ranging from small microwaves to the largest fridges. You won’t have smaller appliances like toasters and kettles clattering your work surface any more. 

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Kitchen cabinet installers Essex can help you choose the right cabinet idea that flows with your kitchen design and layout. Since the primary purpose of the cabinets is storage, they will prioritize functionality without compromising visual appeal. Customize these ideas, and they will give you the kitchen of your dreams.