Relocating is a huge decision that’s not to be taken lightly, and when you do this with a family in tow, there are even more considerations and extensive research that needs to be done. It is both exciting and terrifying to move to a new country with unique cultures and different infrastructure. Singapore is a great choice as it is an extremely safe country with low crime rates and a no-nonsense policy towards drugs. Your family can enjoy the bustle of city life along with the tranquillity and peacefulness of green areas.

Relocating Your Family to Singapore

Family Comes First

Singapore is known as a family-friendly destination. There are so many things to do with children to keep them busy and happy. The city boasts several green spaces amongst the towering skyscrapers. There are water parks, community playgrounds, education and youth centres, and sports facilities available for family fun. Great day trips include the Science Centre, Singapore Zoo, Universal Studios (on Sentosa Island), Singapore Botanical Gardens, Marina Bay, and Jurong Bird Park.

Education Is Vital

It is important to research schooling possibilities for your children. Your intended length of time living in Singapore will help you to decide between international private schools or local schooling. Singapore has a high-quality education system that is world-class. Employers sometimes cover education costs but this needs to be determined in your contract. Many people choose private or international schools if they want to continue in the curriculum of their home country. For your children to easily become immersed in the local culture, it may be advisable to choose the more affordable public education system.

For parents or grandparents, meeting people should be easy and fun. Along with the people you will meet through work or school, you can take a class, volunteer, or start a blog. All of these are ideal ways to meet people and become part of your new community. Do as the locals do: shop at the markets. Enjoy the new sights and sounds and smells. There are also numerous ex-pat clubs and societies to join – just make sure to take advantage of the multicultural community around you to feel more accepted. As you all embrace the new culture as a family, your transition to becoming settled and happy will be much smoother.

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Weather Concerns

Singapore has a hot, humid, tropical climate with no obvious seasonal changes. It rains a lot with tropical downpours often being short, sharp, and sudden. It is always advisable to carry an umbrella: for protection from both rain and sun. The temperatures range between 86 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit all year round, with evenings sometimes dropping to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity is usually around 70%, so most buildings and homes are air-conditioned. For children, it is advisable to choose accommodation with a pool. This is also a perfect way for them to socialize with other children.

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Choosing a House in Singapore

There are a number of housing options available, but with a family to consider, a freehold condominium type apartment is a good fit. These can be rented or bought via sites like PropertyGuru. PropertyGuru is dedicated to helping families find their place in the sun. The ki residences in Clementi Park offer high-end living spaces which are convenient and easily accessible. They are available in 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-bedroom sizes with amazing amenities available for your family. They boast a pool with a deck and pavilion, a clubhouse, playground, gymnasiums, and barbecues for resident’s usage. All of these are great ways to be able to meet your neighbours. The ki residences are close to world-class international and local schools and retail stores and facilities. They are also close to healthcare facilities, and public transport. They also have parking with 24-hour security.

Singapore is known as one of the most expensive places to buy property – but this is also a great investment for your family’s future. Your home is your family’s sanctuary: a place to show where you come from, where you are now, and where you intend to go. A healthy and happy home comes from pouring your mind, body, and spirit into it to ensure your overall well-being. You may need to determine whether you want to bring certain objects over to place in your new home or start afresh.

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Social Etiquette and Culture

For you and your family to smoothly integrate into your new community, it is important to be aware of some etiquette standards that are the norm in Singapore. Speaking loudly or maintaining eye contact for too long is considered rude. It is disrespectful to touch someone else’s head. Gesture with your whole hand or head: do not point with only the index finger. Remove your shoes when entering someone’s home. Be aware that you may receive indirect answers as a way of refusal without causing offence. The culture gives preference and honour to those older than you.

Singapore is a country of tolerance and acceptance of cultural diversity – be sure to immerse yourselves in its warmth and friendliness.