Whether you’re just wanting to make your home look more attractive to visitors or you’re thinking farther ahead to putting it on the market later, improving the kerb appeal of your house or bungalow is worth doing. Not only will its value likely increase, but you’ll feel happier walking in the door than you would have otherwise. Whether you’re returning from a short stroll around the park or you’ve had a very tiring day, a pleasant looking home just feels good knowing that it’s yours.

kerb appeal

Here are 3 ways to improve the kerb appeal without breaking the bank.

Getting the Fencing Right

Many times, the brick wall or rickety metal fencing around the front of your property has seen better days. The varied British weather is often to blame because let’s face it, it’s often rainy and damp which causes metal fences and brick walls to take a beating. Leaving them in disrepair doesn’t create the right feeling when entering through the gates to walk up to the front door.

The classic picket fencing around a property is an attractive look that brings us back to simpler times. Wooden fencing can be painted to match the exterior of the house or bungalow, so it fits in with the overall aesthetic. With front gardens that have been landscaped, the natural finish looks particularly good to first-time visitors to the home.

Improve the Garden

It doesn’t actually matter whether you have much of a garden in the front of the property or if you’ve mostly got a pathway to the door and little of anything else. The key is to do a lot with a little. The pathway can be lined with flower pots even when there’s no proper planting area. Hanging plant arrangements on either side of the door or window boxes suggest a nature-filled home that’ll be pleasant to spend time in.

The flowers should also blend well with the front door and bricks and mortar on either side. Depending on the size of the building it can be quite imposing, so introducing flowers helps to both soften the overall appearance and deliver a bit more of a feminine, creature comfort sense to the place.

Porch Design & Lighting

Whether your home started off with a porch, it’s always a good idea to have one. They come in many different styles with the intention of looking presentable while still being functional too. For older porches, maybe the paint is peeling, or the windows have seen better days, in which case giving the porch a makeover is a great idea. Remember, the porch is at the front of the home, so everyone must walk up to it to ring the doorbell. There’s no hiding it away.

Take a critical eye to the front of your home to see its flaws, perhaps for the first time. See it as other people do. If you’re finding it challenging to do that, ask a friend to come over with the same approach and reward them for their honesty. Then set about acting on improving the areas that they’ve highlighted which need some TLC.