Are you nearly done with your home project? Probably one of the ultimate decisions to make is choosing door handles, which seem insignificant, but contribute to the charm of the house. They need to be selected in accordance with your décor, the environment as well as your budget.

Naturally, the most convenient way of purchasing handles is visiting a hardware store or ordering them from an e-store, such as, providing its customers with a wide range of door hardware. If you’re not much of a DIY person like myself, you might want to get some help on how to Install A Door Handle with a company like Knockety.

Top Tips on Choosing the Best Door Handles

The following tips will help you make the best choice for your home.

Consider the style of your home

Although door handles are considered to be a minor detail, it’s essential for them to fit in the overall room décor. In case your room is designed rather traditionally, there’s no logic in choosing a modern-looking handle – so you might want to look into Satin Brass Door Handles.

Moreover, those homeowners who have installed identical doors throughout their houses should consider choosing one model for all of them in order to be consistent. However, if you wish to break the monotony, then selecting a dissimilar model of handle for all doors would be the perfect alternative, as long as you maintain the same style.

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Choose between levers and knobs

Another significant aspect to be considered is the difference between levers and knobs. The former can be found in an extensive range of designs, styles, and finishes, convenient for every homeowner’s taste. These are also easier to operate since they require less strength to be opened, which is particularly helpful for the eldest and youngest family members as well as for disabled people.

On the other hand, the latter has been on the market for longer than the levers. They have also evolved in terms of style and design, but are believed to be plainer in comparison with the levers. However, your ultimate choice would certainly depend on your needs and the overall home décor. Click here for some tips on choosing between levers and knobs.

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Think about the door function

Selecting the hardware is merely the start, as the following step would be considering the door function, as not all of them need to be locked. For instance, for the hall or the living room, it’s natural to choose a non-locking model of knob or lever, as these doors are constantly being opened and closed.

Conversely, it’s normal to purchase a locking model of lever or knob for the bathroom and all the bedrooms so as to preserve your privacy. When it comes to the front door, apart from purchasing a locking set with a key, make sure the one you choose provides maximal security.

Consider the material

Apart from looking for nice-looking hardware, it’s crucial for its material to be highly durable, as you’re expected to use the knobs for a long-term period. The best method of selecting the right material would be adapting it to your climate since not all materials are able to withstand various climate conditions.

For instance, homeowners dwelling in regions with high humidity should opt for stainless steel, as this material is able to resist moisture. Also, since corrosion is known to be one of the major problems of door handles, it’s wiser to choose chrome instead of nickel, due to its greater resistance to corrosion.

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Don’t forget the warranty

When purchasing the hardware, it’s paramount to look for one with a long warranty period. There’re numerous brands that offer a surprisingly limited guarantee, which is why you need to be extra careful in your choice. Look for brands whose hardware warranty is unlimited, as you won’t have to worry about any damage done to your handle. Naturally, these hardware sets cost significantly more, but they’re certainly worth it.

Plan your budget

The budget for the door hardware would depend on your willingness to invest in durable and elegant-looking handles. The more durable the material, the higher the cost. Also, selecting a model with a solid warranty period costs more, but it will save you the trouble of purchasing new knobs in a few years.

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Wrap up

When purchasing a lever or a knob, make sure it’s durable, nice-looking and with a lifetime warranty!