Having a garden is a highly desirable quality for homeowners. Real estate agents believe there will be a rising demand from home buyers for their homes to have a garden. What is it about having a garden that is desirable for homeowners?

For many, a garden is one of the best places to entertain guests on warm weather days, spending long summer days outside soaking up the rays of the sun. Others find gardening a great way to reduce stress and can be them busy. Whilst enjoy sitting in the garden a relaxing activity.

For those that enjoy relaxing outside on a warm day, the idea of transforming their garden into a hidden escape to call their tranquil space is a dream. These are some of the ways to achieve that dream.

A Tranquil Space How to Transform Your Garden into a Hidden Escape

Clear Out The Clutter

Before you dive into planning how to create a hidden escape, start by clearing out the clutter. If you have children, you might have toys that they have grown out of using. These can be donated to find another home.

Another way to remove clutter from your garden is by removing any broken furniture or accessories taking precious space. The items that you may use in the future can be stored away until they are needed.

Alongside removing unnecessary items, you will also want to clip overgrown trees and hedges. It can make a noticeable difference to your garden immediately. You will then see what potential your garden has and how you can transform it into a tranquil space.

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Invest In A Garden Room

Integrating archways, hanging baskets and planting trees can help you in creating your tranquil space. Another way to transform your garden into a hidden escape is by including a garden room.

It could be the place you go to read on a gloomy day. The spot you retreat to on a warm summers evening. You may even use it as a place to work. Whichever way you choose to use your garden room, it can make an ideal hidden escape.

There is a range of garden room options available. For instance, Handmade Hideaways create bespoke garden rooms that can make the ideal addition to your garden. You can find one that will perfectly fit into an area in your garden, creating the perfect place to relax.

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Create Privacy

A hidden escape is nothing without its privacy. It is essential for creating a relaxing outdoor space. To achieve this, look at investing in walls or fences that are a suitable height. They should not be too high that they block out the sunlight or views and not be too small that you do not feel the benefit.

Alternatively, you can incorporate tall shrubs, thick bushes and hedges to add a level of privacy. It brings the best of both worlds as you have the privacy and also more natural.

After transforming your garden into a hidden escape, you now have a place where you can retreat after a hectic day at work. It can be your tranquil sanctuary where you bask in the sights, smells and sounds that filter in the air.

In the future, if you were to move, having a beautifully designed garden could add value to your property. When your property does hit the market, it is more likely to sell sooner. Whether that day arrives or not, for now, you can enjoy your hidden escape.

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