Creating a garden can be a fun project to take on throughout the summer months. There’s no need to hire external help either – here is how you can use DIY to transform your garden.

Why is garden design important?

Creating a visually appealing garden can encourage you to spend more time outdoors. Having an outdoor space that is an extension to your home is perfect for summer, offering you your very own haven to relax and unwind in whilst the sun shines.

Gardens are ideal for socialising, so having a beautiful outdoor space is perfect if you’re looking to invite guests around to enjoy a summer BBQ when the weather warms up. Plus, a well-kept garden can increase the value of your property if you come to sell.

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Creating a plan for gardening and landscaping renovation is key to achieving your vision. Look at the space you’re dealing with and plan how you want to use it.

Write up a budget to work out the costs of everything you’ll need. Whether that’s new gardening equipment, construction materials, plants or garden accessories – everything needs to be accounted for.

You should also work out how long you think your garden design project will take you. When do you want your new garden to be ready? Use this deadline as a goal to work towards.

Five Tips for Planning & Designing your Garden
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Perhaps your main focus is to have lots of plant life in your garden to bring it to life. Flower beds are a great way to give your garden a breath of fresh air, adding colour and vibrancy to your outdoor space.

If you’re wanting to break up the space in your garden, consider planting some hedges to create different areas. That way, your garden will still boast a green and natural look and can attract exciting wildlife in the summer.

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Decking is ideal for adding some depth to your garden. It can also create the perfect social dining area to enjoy a summer evening with your guests.

Alternatively, you can use shuttering ply to create concrete moulds for a range of applications in your garden. This can be used to create concrete borders around your lawn, stepping stones to easily access your flowerbeds or concrete garden boxes to hold luscious green plants.

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Details and decorations

When adding the finishing touches to your garden, small details can make a huge difference. Warm up your space with some outdoor lighting, or create the illusion of a larger lawn with outdoor mirrors.

Choose to add a bench to create a reading corner or paint your wooden features to create a decorative piece that’s unique to your garden.

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