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Stimulate your gardening senses this summer

Kiran Singh

Gardening has to be one of the most loved and hated activities, and most of the time the only reason people dislike the idea is because they haven’t actually given it a go. There’s nothing better than tackling your garden after a heavy winter, sprucing it up and reawakening its life and character. Winter can be a bit of a pain when it comes to gardening, as many of us are guilty of neglecting our gardens when there’s nothing but heavy showers and spells of snow. But it’s so easy to get your garden summer ready without spending too much time or money in the process.

Your garden is one of the main features your home, as many can be seen by passers-by and neighbours. Gardens are also a key feature when it comes to selling a home, if you have a neat, tidy garden then the home will seem more appealing and homely to potential buyers. Having a functional, fresh garden enables you to enjoy your summer in the comfort of your own home. Gardening doesn’t need to be seen as a time consuming, challenging procedure. It’s actually very therapeutic and relaxing, especially when it comes to enjoying your hard work once finished.  Start with thinking about how you want your garden to look, sometimes it’s easier to plan out what you want to do before going ahead and starting, that way you can figure out exactly what you want.

Once you have a plan in place, you’re ready to get going. Start by neatening up your current greenery, such as bushes, flower beds and your lawn. This will instantly create a fresh, tidy feel to your garden. If you want to be adventurous you could look at shaping your bushes, some gardens have neatly pruned styles that stand out and add a little more character. The lawn is the easiest part to maintain, keeping on top of mowing the lawn will enable you to work quicker and the job will seem easier if there isn’t loads to cut! If you have decking or paving, a quick power wash is a perfect way to breathe some new life into the existing feature. Small changes like these make an unbelievable difference instantly and are easy to keep on top of too.

If you feel your garden is lacking colour and life, why not consider adding some new plants to the mix. Planting new flowers in your garden is a really good way of injecting character and colour into your gardens appearance. There are so many gorgeous flowers on the market however there are a few popular ones that tend to make it into most gardens. The infamous Hydrangea is a beautifully elegant flower, creating a delicate yet lively feel to your garden. Other flowers such a roses, sunflowers and tulips are all popular in many gardens today, and they all look and smell amazing. If you have a social area in your garden, look at making sure it’s suitable and ready for any get-togethers or garden parties you may wish to host over the summer months. After putting in this hard work to your garden, it’s the perfect way to show it off! Seating is a must if you’re planning on hosting to friends and family, a good BBQ or dinner party is a great way to enjoy those summer evenings whilst socialising and having a good catch up.

If your green fingers are twitching and don’t want to stop there, then you should consider growing and planting your own produce. Fruit and Vegetables are such a great thing to grow in your garden. Giving you instant access to freshly grown food, ready to use in tonight’s dinner or even just a snack. The process of growing your own fruit and veg is also really rewarding. You don’t need much, just a simple potting bench and the right tools and soil and you’re ready to go. Certain fruits are recommended for home growth, and almost all vegetables can be planted in your back garden. Section off a small area dedicated to your planting, this way you can have your own vegetable patch and watch your fruit and veg develop and grow over the weeks until they’re ready for consumption. This is a great task for keeping your mind stimulated and interested, giving you something to focus on and then enjoy at the end.

Now that you have given your garden the spruce it deserved, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy all of your hard work. Enjoy those summer evenings and make the most of the warm days to come. Enjoying the outdoors is a great way to keep healthy, as well as helping yourself to relax and embrace your surroundings. It’s always best to keep on top of your gardening, but it’s so easy to slip into bad habits and neglect the garden for a while. Don’t worry if you do, as shown here, it’s really easy to wake your garden up and inject some additional life into it.

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