People always use the spring and summer months to do improvements in their home. The weather is warmer so you can have the windows open while you re-paint the living room; there’s little rain, so you can install that water fountain you’ve been meaning to get around to.

However, there are tonnes of unseen home improvements that are ideal to do at this time of year. They might not be on show for dinner party guests to remark upon, but they’ll make a huge difference to your bills and the future of your home environment.

1)Insulation installation

Installing good quality insulation into your walls and attic space will do wonders for your heating bill. It helps to lock in heat during winter months, which means that the temperature is retained within your home for longer. It actually costs less money to keep your home at a certain temperature, than it does to heat it from scratch every night. So, if your insulationis keeping your home at the thermostat setting, you’ll spend far less on bills throughout those long winter nights.

2)Invest in eco products

Eco products for the home is big business, which means you reap all the benefits. In the summer, you should think about replacing major appliances like your boiler and lighting with new energy efficient equivalents; they might seem like a high price initially, but it’s the money that they will save you long term by bringing down day-to-day running costs that make them worth the expense. You could even investigate the addition of solar panels to your roof, which will help to bring your bills down substantially during the summer – you can read more on the money-saving benefits of these here.

3)Upgrade your underground drainage systems

Underground drainage is vital to a home. You might not be able to see them, but you will know about it if they’re broken. Older houses usually come with clay pipes, but by upgrading your underground drainageto plastic, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour. These new versions are far more durable and less likely to collapse or develop detrimental fractures, but they are also far moreresistant the growth of tree roots, which will grow longer in search of water. If you replace your pipes with plastic, they’re far more likely to withstand the forces of nature.

4)Re-vamp your windows

Windows are another home improvement that could save you a lot of time, effort and expense if you take care of them before a problem develops. They can cause drafts that suck the warmth out of your home and cost you more in energy bills, and can cause leaks and damp. By replacing your current windows with newer, long-lasting, weather-resistant versions, it will help you with maintenance as well as money.

I hope you found these tips useful when giving your home a spruce up this year. If you have any tips of your own, feel free to leave a comment.

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