Interior design is often an impersonal affair. It’s easy to get plenty of advice and inspiration when it comes to colours, styles and accessories. However, in terms of putting your own stamp on your property, you might be feeling a little lost.

The following guide should help you to inject your personality and flare into your home.

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Artworks with a story behind them

One surefire way to give your interior design a boost is to collect and display artworks with a story behind them. For example, showcasing paintings, ornaments and other items you have collected on your travels will help to add interest and intrigue to your rooms. These objects can also make a great talking point when you’re entertaining guests.

Paintings of your favourite things

When people look for paintings and prints to adorn the walls of their homes, they often make generic selections based on colour and general aesthetic appeal. Of course, it’s important that you love the look of these items. However, to create an added feeling of homeliness in your abode, try to find paintings that reflect your interests and experiences. For example, you can buy paintings of your favourite locations around the world.

Snap happy

Another great way to personalise your home is to showcase some of your best photos. You can look through your albums to find snaps of your family, friends and pets. It’s also worth perusing your holiday images. Once you’ve found suitable pictures, you can edit them with a picture editor online and then order prints to display.

If you’re not happy with your current collection of snaps, it could be time to get your camera out. Don’t worry if you lack confidence behind the lens. There is plenty of advice available over the web to help you hone your technique and get some fabulous shots.

Art attack

Personal Touches

Image by Karin Dalziel

If you’re feeling creative, you can have your very own art attack. Don’t be afraid to have a go at producing paintings. All you need are some time and the right materials. If you want to take this seriously, you can book yourself classes to help you improve your skills.

You can also use stencils to create patterns on the walls in certain parts of your property.

Kids’ art

If you have kids, make sure some of their handiwork is on display too. Showcasing your children’s paintings in your kitchen or elsewhere is bound to put a smile on their faces and it’ll encourage them to keep up their drawing and painting.

Take your time

Unlike simply applying colour to your walls and other basic design tasks, adding a personal touch to your home will take some time. The important thing is to be patient. It may take you years to get all the items you want for your home. Personalising your property is an organic process and you shouldn’t rush it.

Bear in mind that, as your tastes and preferences evolve, the items you want to decorate your home with are bound to change as well.

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