Giving your home décor a fresh update doesn’t have to put a huge dent in your budget. There are plenty of ways to give your home a new lease of life without the big price tag. You need to think about lighting, colour palettes, textiles and much more. Small efforts throughout your home can transform the final style.

Inexpensive tips for an expensive home décor look

Here are some affordable ways to make your home décor look more luxurious.

Change up the lighting

Bright lights accentuate every part of the room – from the dust on the shelves to the cracks in the walls. Invest in some smaller lights dotted around the room to create a warm atmosphere. Play with different sized lamps on the floor, table and ceiling. You could hang industrial pendant lights above the dining room table or a statement floor lamp by the TV. Create a cosy atmosphere in the room with warm yellow lights, instead of harsh white lights.

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Use mirrors

Install mirrored wardrobes in a box room to open up the space or a vintage mirror above the fireplace in the living room. You can make the room feel bigger with a large mirror. Mirrors can even replace artwork on your walls. For example, you could place a mirror opposite a window in your home to reflect the view.

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Use large-scale art

Luxurious homes often centre around magnificent pieces of artwork. Unfortunately, art can be very expensive, and it’s difficult to find affordable, high-quality versions. Visit your local antique shop and look out for some hidden treasure. You could style the room with beautiful furniture from decades ago. You might find a sculpture for half its original price or a wonderful vintage picture frame. Pair an inexpensive print with a luxe frame and create a gallery wall in your hallway.

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Textiles and curtains

Every fancy home has window dressings. Do some online research to find the different styles of window dressings and the various fabrics you could use. Bespoke window dressings can be very expensive. You could either buy the fabric and sew the curtains yourself – or buy some more affordable curtains online. You could pair two types of curtains together to build a layered effect.

Choosing the Right Curtains
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Decorative moulding

Period features often add character and luxury to a property, whether it’s crown moulding or a stained-glassed door. Decorative moulding is cost-effective and easy to apply. You can apply it over the weekend and enjoy the sophisticated look for years to come. You need to paint the moulding the same colour as the walls – so make sure you have the same paint on hand. The mismatched moulding will not have the same level of elegance.

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Elevate your home with these tips and tricks, and experiment with a new style.