A recent survey among interior designers found that the downstairs cloakroom gave more clues as to the personality of the owner than any other room in the house. Some called it the trophy room as you were far more likely to find photos of the man of the house, resplendent in Lycra shorts having just completed the London Marathon, adorning the walls here than hanging in the lounge.

It may look as if he’s being modest by not displaying them in the most obvious place but you know as well as I do that we all have to go sometime – to the loo I mean, and visitors are far more likely to spend time poring over a photo in private than in full public display. Maybe that’s where the name vanity unit came from. The downstairs cloakroom can be used to much better effect so here are EKCO’s 5 tips to make the right impression on your visitors.

5 ways your downstairs cloakroom can make the right impression

  1. As outlined above get rid of the pictures of you winning the karaoke trophy after that night at the local bowling club. If you want to have a piece of art on the wall then give as much thought to it as you would if it were to hang in any other room
  2. Your downstairs’ loo can add real value to your home and first impressions count with estate agents and visitors alike. As it’s the smallest room, spend a bit more per square foot than you would in your main bathroom. Install a top quality sanitary suite in full working order. You’ll no doubt already know how embarrassing it is when you use someone else;s downstairs cloakroom only to find that the flush doesn’t work properly, so make sure it does. Another simple tip is to install a wooden seat instead of a plastic one.
  3. The window should contain opaque glass rather than clear for obvious reasons but even with opaque make sure that you have a blind or curtain which can be closed easily.
  4. Mixer taps are a must. If you’re prepared to spend a bit more on a top quality toilet and sink make sure you also spend a bit more on decent mixer taps. The last thing you want is a visitor with scalded fingers.
  5.  Pay attention to the small details. Leave out a bottle of hand soap with a pump dispenser rather than a grimy bar of soap. You may even want to have some hand lotion in another bottle that your guests can use. And don’t skimp on the loo rolls. Buy the best quality you can find and have a few in a basket which is easily accessible. Nothing says tight fisted better than half a roll of tracing paper!

As you can see it’s the little things that matter so pay proper attention to your downstairs cloakroom and find another place for your saucy Victorian postcards.