Establishing a stately household environment is essential for every homeowner across the United Kingdom who wishes to stamp their own authority and create a warm, welcoming home they are proud to call their own. This can be achieved through making the right choices when it comes to interior design layouts, colour schemes and choice of furniture integrated within each room. From the kitchen to the bathroom, each room should compliment each other and provide homeowners with the quality of home which matches their own personal tastes and standards.

Spare rooms often have a tendency of creating a problem for homeowners as to how to utilise the additional space in their home. Utilising the available space for storage may be practical, but boxes can often be left strewn across the floor; this not only looks unorganised and untidy, but also creates a potential trip hazard and difficulty in finding particular items within a collection of boxes which could contain anything.


Utilise the space wisely

Although homeowners may be fortunate enough to live in a big house with considerable space within every room, spare rooms are traditionally small in size and are unsuitable as the main bedroom. Creating a guest bedroom via a good quality bed, along with adequate storage facilities such as a wardrobe or cupboard, is a sensible idea for providing welcoming accommodation for guests, but doing so requires considerable thought. The most important aspect of creating a single or multi-purpose room is to make full utilisation of the space provided; integrating the right size and shape of furniture should create enough space for people to walk round safely. It helps to create the right environment through a smart, sensible design layout that is perfect as an entertainment room, bedroom or storage room.


Choice of furniture

Creating a flexible room with the space available can be made possible through sensible choices when it comes to choosing furniture. Sofa beds are a prime example of multi-function furniture that is ideal for transforming an entertainment room into a guest room for visitors to sleep on. Storage bunk beds are equally unique in their ability to not only provide a good quality, comfortable bed, but also provide excellent storage facilities that can allow homeowners, and even guests, to store their belongings and other items. They help to create a room that is clean, tidy and practical; all three qualities come together in producing a flexible room that can be used for a number of activities and, more importantly, be transformed with minimum fuss.