Blank walls in an otherwise stylish home can change the feel of a space, reducing the impact of elegant decor to merely a half-hearted design attempt. Blank walls can feel un-homely; they are the mark of a lack of creativity, or they can represent a telltale sign that a project is unfinished or lacks imagination. But this isn’t to say that blank walls must be filled: in many instances, a minimalist style is enhanced by understated design for the desired effect. Nevertheless, we’ve compiled a list of tips from the best interior designers to offer budding design enthusiasts and personal project managers wall space inspiration.


One particularly easy way to turn a wall into a focal point of a room is through art. As simple as it may sound, the addition of a striking art piece can completely transform the way a room is perceived. It breaks the wall up, arresting one’s attention through colour, creativity and thought-provoking visuals. Personal taste emanates from the choice of art – for a fun, contemporary piece of art choose a colourful postmodern brainteaser.

Love Your Walls - Ingenious Design Ideas to Admire


Sculpture and conceptual art allow the room an extra dimension. Whether fixing a suitable sculpture directly to the wall or placing a piece on a stand, you’ll add an additional dimension to the otherwise flat canvas. Custom-designed objects can symbolize hobbies and passions, much like the propeller featured in this wonderful Swiss Ski Chalet project, which adds a sleek, modern and effortlessly stylish touch to a stairway. In the same project, Callender Howorth used sculpted buffalo heads to invigorate the dining room in an intriguing and unusual manner.

Love Your Walls - Ingenious Design Ideas to Admire


The most conventional practice for filling wall space is through the addition of a painting or a hanging artwork. Break the trend laying an oversized painting against a wall or on top of a dresser or sideboard, as seen in this Shoreditch Exchange Building project. The colourful, bold artwork offers a perfect juxtaposition to the contemporary white fittings and industrial-style brickwork of the wall. The relaxed-looking placement only further enhances the eclectic style of the space.

Love Your Walls - Ingenious Design Ideas to Admire


One step further is to turn your whole wall into a piece of art itself. This can sometimes be too imposing for smaller homes, though in businesses and other areas it can work to completely transform a room. Much like this Commercial HQ project, in which a pop art-style mural was used to add vibrancy to a games area, a fun, welcoming atmosphere can be created. Murals should not be reserved completely for commercial use, however, as can be seen from this Knightsbridge Penthouse project, in which a custom mural adds a chicness and contemporary style to a subordinate space.

Love Your Walls - Ingenious Design Ideas to Admire


Also seen in the Knightsbridge Penthouse project is the striking use of wallpaper. It is sometimes considered to be a faux pas in interior design but the right wallpaper in the correct setting can add warmth and luxuriousness to space. Textured wallpaper, such as the finished linen utilised in the bedroom of this Chiswick House project, can accentuate a classy environment with a stylish flourish.

Love Your Walls - Ingenious Design Ideas to Admire

Whether through wallpaper, paintings, murals or sculptures, there’s really no excuse not to love every wall in your home and bring your interior design to life. Using fabrics and textures can create a new environment for your bedroom; with a hint of culture and art you can redefine your living room, and with a stunning sculpture or a creative mural you can make your kitchen a showstopper. Get creative, be imaginative and love your walls.