Working from home is becoming a much more preferred option, with many jobs relying solely on the internet, there’s no longer the need to travel to and from work every day! Working from the comfort of your own home can be really beneficial, as you can create the perfect space for you and ensure your working environment is ideal for getting your head down and focusing properly. Even if you work away from home, having an office space is still really beneficial as you have a space to keep any work related items, as well as a space to sort out bills and other things that you want to keep safe and secure. Transforming your spare bedroom into an office space can be ideal, as you don’t have to worry about extending your house or adding on any other rooms, you can simply use a room that has been kept spare for all this time!

When transforming a room into an office, the initial thing to consider is your décor. Décor plays a huge part in the overall feel and atmosphere of a room and this is key, especially when it comes to a home office, as you want to create the right atmosphere to work and feel relaxed at the same time. There are so many colours that help to stimulate your brain and keep you alert and functioning to the best of your ability, such as orange which combines both red (energy) and yellow (happiness) to create the perfect tone for your working environment. Keeping things within a colour scheme is also really important, as throwing too many colours into the mix can result in a look that is messy, contrasting and unsettling, which is not what you want when you need to work.

Your office is the one place you can escape and focus, with everything you need around you. Ensuring your office space is full of essential items such as a computer, printer, telephone and even television will simply ensure that you have everything you need and don’t have to keep running around the house to use certain items. If you’re an artistic person who wants to use their office for design purposes, adding items such as an art easel, drawing board and even a dedicated area to your art will really help keep the room organised as well as enable you to get creative and keep everything where it needs to be, instead of having to tidy away after your finished for a while.

Organisation is key with any office space, but in your home it’s even more important as you may have all kinds of different paperwork and files that need to be kept in order and secure. Investing in some useful features such as a filing cabinet or bookcase to neatly file away all of your ring binders and paperwork will help you to keep things organised and you’ll know exactly where things should be if you ever need to get them. Opting for items that can be neatly folded away are also really useful, so if your A3 drawing board is slightly too large to keep out all of the time, you can always fold it away and store it neatly in a cupboard until it’s needed again.  The same applies to items such as your noticeboard or flipchart, which you may use to make notes or practice presentations, once you’ve used them they can be neatly folded and stored away, saving loads of space in your office!

Transforming your spare bedroom into an office may become an issue when you have visitors to stay and nowhere to put them. Investing in a comfortable sofa bed is a really easy yet effective way to get the very most out of your spare room. Your office can be the rooms key function, however you may find that tidying away a few items enables you to re-create a guest bedroom with your pull out sofa bed and neat bedside table, which in turn can be used as little coffee tables when your spare room is your office. Having a sofa bed in here will also give you a comfortable space to relax when you’ve been working for a while. Having a small space in your office to wind down and relax is really important as it’s so easy to become engrossed in what you’re doing and not take a step back to relax and de-stress.