How to Re-Invent Room Space and Let the Light in With Bifold Doors

If you love the idea of having a bright and airy abode but think your home is more of a dingy dwelling why not look at re-inventing your entire room space and let the light in with eco bi fold doors? Here are some reasons why the bifold has become the patio door for modern age.

Use the Natural Light

Bifolds can stretch from wall to wall thus allowing for as much natural light as possible to enter the room. In addition, there’s no bulky frame to block the flow of light – the perfect option for a dining kitchen. If you have an open-plan home these doors will allow the light to flood through the entire living space, making it appear even larger.

Appreciate the Warmth With a View

Another benefit of bifolds is that they act as thermal regulators, keeping your home warm while still letting the natural daylight in. This is especially important in Scotland when the coldest and crispest days are often the sunniest. You can easily enjoy the view of the garden and beyond without moving from your chair – just imagine sitting down to breakfast in your bright and airy kitchen and not having to bundle yourself in five layers to stay cosy.

No Distortion From Dirty Windows

Unlike patio doors, bifolds have few crevices for dirt and grime to be trapped in making your life easier when it comes to keeping them clean. This also means that it’s less to harbor dust or grime on the panels themselves which could potentially block light from entering.

Enjoy Privacy While Brightening up Your Home

If you value your privacy but choose to install bifolds on the side of your home facing the street then it may be worth looking at investing in bifold blinds or some sheer curtains which would allow natural light to continue to brighten your home while providing some much needed privacy. Alternativel, you could have a look at full length shutters which could add a traditional French vibe and some character.


Light and Bright Means Bigger

There are some interior design rules that are key to achieving a particular look in your home. For example if you have a smaller space to work with use light colours on walls to allow light to reflect and make the appear larger. Also buy some mirrors, there are plenty to be found in charity shops, scrap yards and even online. Up-cycle them to suit your décor and scatter them along your walls to provide even more light while expanding the size of the room.


Go Dramatic With Larger Rooms

At the other end of the spectrum when installing bifold doors in bigger homes you can afford to be a bit more bold yet still allow as much light in as you can. The beauty of having large rooms is that you can afford to be daring with darker colours on the wall or even a busy patterned wallpaper, which will actually make the room feel cosy and not in the least bit dark and dreary. If bifolds are situated in your kitchen diner look into adding greys and even splashes of black which will contrast wonderfully with the natural light and help to achieve a sophisticated, clean look to your workspace.


Be at One With Nature

One of the greatest benefits of bifold doors is their ability to open up fully and with this feature comes your opportunity to appreciate your garden in all its glory. Bifolds allow you to merge your home with the outdoors and create the illusion of having no boundaries – especially useful when you’re hosting a get together and want more space for your guests to roam around and enjoy.