With cold months approaching how do you stay warm? Winter will be upon us in just a few months and that means cold weather. For those of us who have a garden, this also poses a problem. How can we enjoy our gardens during the winter months? Sure we can bundle up in a coat or a blanket, but this is an ineffective way of being relaxed and warm unless it is coupled with another method. Here are a few tips on how to stay warm in your garden during the winter months.

How To Stay Warm In Your Garden During The Winter Months

Add Heat Lamps

If you have an enclosed garden then consider using a few heat lamps to keep the temperature regulated. You will want to ensure that your lamps do not shine directly on any of your plants as this may cause them to dry out (or worse a fire). Also, you will want to monitor the temperature of the interior space so that there are no major fluctuations. If the temperature is going up and down irregularly, your plants will not adapt well.

The best heat lamps to use in your garden space are those which can hang from the ceiling safely or those which are on a tripod with the option of a swivel.  Think about concealing the “industrial” look with custom lighting designs and fixtures.

Consider Having A Fire Pit

Exterior garden spaces can benefit both athletically as well as functionally with a fire pit during the winter months. As your garden space that is to be enjoyed will consist of your evergreen plants, the fire is a great accent to the space. Functionally speaking, the fire is one of the most effective and most known sources of heat.

There are many different models which you can choose from ranging from the stone (permanent) fire pit fixture to the mobile fire pit. Some have even implemented the use of a handing tripod cauldron, adding a bit of design and uniqueness to their garden deck space. You want to ensure that the fire pit that you choose not only works for providing heat but also works well with the garden space and serves your inspirational idea of the garden. For example: If you are trying to convey a zen garden feel, then it may be best to have a nice slate or fixed stone fire pit to go with the overall appearance. A space which consistently changes the plants and layout would do well to have a mobile fire pit.

Build A Greenhouse Or Conservatory

Creating a permanent fix for the winter months involves creating a greenhouse or a conservatory. If you choose to make a greenhouse, then you can do so by either creating the space and moving plants/planting your garden within it. If you are serious about your produce growing, you may want to expand your greenhouse and streamline the operations to start producing enough to sell. To do so, you could consider utilising this horticulture management software that automates a lot of the tasks needed to keep the greenhouse environment in the best condition. You can then use this data and outcomes further to expand your garden greenhouse to a full business if it particularly takes off.

However, if you have already planted your garden and want to keep it warm; consider using a temporary greenhouse solution. There are several which can be assembled in a few hours which will suit the needs for regulating the temperature of your garden well.

Conservatories can be designed as an addition to the home or as a separate structure. These are different from greenhouses in that they do not house the plants typically, but serve as a space to enjoy the look of the garden. In most cases, you will want to have a conservatory with an ample amount of windows. For the winter months, you will need to winterize these windows to minimize the amount of cold air coming into the space.

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Add A Heated Subfloor To Your Deck

If you have already had your garden designed and you love the layout but just want a little extra heat while you bundle in your blanket, enjoy your rattan daybed, or entertain guests, a heated subfloor may be a creative solution. As your garden is already designed, you do not want to add too many additional elements. A heated subfloor would replace the existing deck floor but would add the ability to help regulate the temperature of your garden deck. While this would not keep you from all of the winter elements, it will go a great way in keeping your feet warm and snow and ice from accumulating in your garden space.