Multi-Seasonal Garden

Now that the summer sun has finally set, our gardens can start to look a little sorry for themselves since we’re no longer out there in all hours of the day and night.

But whilst the weather is by no means perfect, it doesn’t mean that you need to neglect your outdoor space in favour if hibernating amongst your bricks and mortar.

Here in the UK we’re notorious for only using our gardens for the summer months, but this outdoor space can be far more versatile than we realise, and can enhance our lifestyle in any season.

Build a Garden Room

Having a separate space away from the house can give you the perfect retreat from the daily stresses of life. Whether you build this from scratch with the help of a professional tradesman, or simply give your existing shed a make-over, creating a get-away will give you the space you’ve been need to have a little peace and quiet.

Adorned with lights, and painted in a vibrant colour to lift your mood, ensure to add plenty of comfortable garden furniture and cushions to make it the ultimate relaxation destination.

From curling up with a good book, to just sitting and enjoying the fresh air and sounds of nature, don’t hide yourself away from the world when it’s so good for the soul.

Add a Little Warmth

When the frost starts to bite the garden can feel anything but welcoming, but invest in a chiminea or some outdoor heating lamps, and you can sit outside with a hot chocolate without feeling a shiver of cold.

These warm attractions can be magnets for dinner guests who need a little fresh air after a few too many glasses of vino, so ensure to place them in a beautiful spot in the garden where you can share the warmth with friends and family.

Include some Twig Friendly Décor

Even if you can’t make it outside as often as you’d like, try to make the space into a feature that can instantly put a smile on your face once the dark nights roll in.

Adorning your trees with lanterns or fairy lights can make your garden look like it’s still alive, and the gentle glow of the twinkling lights will be an atmospheric sight when you’re sat in your conservatory.

Make Space for Celebrations

Despite the Autumn/Winter season being the coolest, it is a hive of social activity that will see you venturing outside. From Halloween, Bon Fire night and not forgetting Christmas, there will be more times than you think when you’ll be out in the garden celebrating with friends and family.

Adapting an enclosed area with plenty of seating and warmth will ensure that you won’t have to miss out on any of the outside celebrations due to a lack of comfort.

Transform your garden into a multi-seasonal space and you will feel the benefits from the extra room away from a hectic lifestyle, and a much calmer place for any moments of solace.