Green Algae is one of the most common pollutants that homeowners come across in their swimming areas. It is a bacteria that can be found in the pools, usually appearing in groups. Many homeowners believe that green algae have no harmful effect. But, is it so? Find the answer to this question below.

Having Trouble With The Green Algae In The Pool Know Here What To Do

Is It safe to swim in the swimming pool with green algae?

A number of homeowners have a misconception that green algae have no side effects. However, this is not true. Skin infections, diarrhoea, fever-like symptoms, and mild respiratory effects are the issues that can impact your health when you swim in a pool that has green algae bloom.

But, you don’t have to worry about it. There are a number of ways that can help you to get rid of the green algae in the pool. But, have you ever imagined how this green alga comes into your pool? Well, this is due to the wind, rain, and the presence of nitrates. And, when you combine that with no cleaning session and lack of water circulation, low water balance, or sanitation in the swimming pool, it gets accumulated in groups.

So, if you notice green algae in your swimming area consider following these methods to eliminate it:

Balance the water: Maintaining the water chemistry is one of the most important steps that you need to take to make your swimming area free from algae. The pH and chlorine levels keep the pool water sanitized and oxidizes the contaminants. This protects the swimmers from microbes, which are the main reason for illness. To increase the pH levels in your pool you can add sodium carbonate or sodium bisulfate. Do not forget that the chlorine added in the pool should be above 1ppm.

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Brushing the  Pool Walls and Floor

The algae get deeply accumulated in the walls and the floors of the swimming pool. Cleaning and scrubbing the algae from the walls and the floors will eliminate it completely. And, if you do not clean it the water becomes cloudy, ultimately obstructing the view. According to the experts at using the pool brush sets off the sediments and kills them completely by filtering them out. But, while brushing make sure that you clean the corners and the shady areas too.

Turn on the Pump

To remove the algae completely, you need to turn the pump on the whole day. This will not only clarify the water but also keep it filtrated. Most importantly, running the pump for 24 hours a day will prevent multiplying.

Cleaning the Filters

The filter system has a very important role in eliminating the algae. And so, matters its efficiency in cleaning. Over time the filters may get clogged due to filtrates and this means that they would also need to be cleaned. To wash the filters you can turn the valve handle on and run the water until the clean water runs. After the clean water starts running you can turn the pump off.

Now you have an idea about the different methods that you can use to remove the algae from your swimming pool. If you cannot do it yourself, remember that you have the option of the experts. They have the right set of equipment and tools to sanitize the swimming area.

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