While the weather may be wet, windy and cold at the moment, believe it or not, spring is just around the corner — with summer not far behind. When the milder and sunnier weather finally arrives, the UK is always ready to step outside and make the most of it with friends and family, but often, our gardens are not the best places to do this.

How to Turn Your Garden into the Ideal Entertainment Space

However, with a few simple additions and changes, you can transform your garden into the ideal setting for drinks, barbeques and dinner parties. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your outside area and turn it into the ideal entertainment space.

Sociable Seating

Every social space needs seating for people to sit and relax and/or chat. The seating should be comfortable and made with durable and low maintenance materials. You may want to choose a cosy sofa set for the ultimate in comfort and luxury and to give the space a focal point. However, individual seats or stools give more flexibility as they can be moved around as needed.

Outdoor Dining Area

Food is hugely important to our social occasions, whether you’re serving tea and coffee, nibbles, a buffet, BBQ or a three-course meal. A popular choice is the adjustable rising table which can be lowered for casual occasions or lifted for a dinner party with a sit-down meal. Garden benches with chairs are ideal for a relaxed theme, whereas more formal meals may require a full dining table and chair set.

Summer House

We all know that the British summer is charmingly unpredictable. This is why more and more UK homeowners are buying summer houses for their gardens. A summer house provides shelter from the elements, whether it’s particularly breezy or rainy, or even so sunny and hot that you need some shade. A summer house can also be a great place to serve food and drink to keep it away from the summer’s creepy crawlies. You can find summer houses for sale all year round in a range of styles and sizes.

Hanging Chairs

Hanging chairs provide a snug and cosy place to relax and unwind after a long day or a busy night of entertaining. Hanging chairs make people feel safe and enclosed, gently rocking as they are suspended in the air.

Fire Pit

A fire pit is a wonderful way to add some theatre and heating to your garden after dark. You and your guests can gather around the warming glow of the fire while wrapping up in blankets and letting the fun continue into the night. You could also use candles and lanterns around the garden to continue to add natural and atmospheric lighting.

Garden Bar

If you entertain guests on a regular basis, then you may want to install a garden bar where you can serve drinks from. It’s like creating a pub beer garden in your own home, only much more comfortable, and the drinks are free (for your guests).

Bold Accessories

Finally, to make your outdoor space as homely as your indoor space, you should consider the accessories and finishing touches as well as the colours you will use. For example, pot plants, flower boxes, cushions, throws and garden ornaments will enable you to inject your personality into the area and make it a living space in its own right.