As the seasons shift and hints of spring start to make themselves felt, you may feel that this is the perfect time to start preparing for a new season of growth and gardening. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of a big garden to plant their favourite bulbs in. Thankfully, there are solutions for those people whose whole garden has to fit onto a small terrace. Here are just some of the ways you can prepare your terrace to be a garden getaway in time for spring.

How to Turn Your Terrace into a Garden Getaway

Install Raised Gardening Beds

Raised garden beds, or garden boxes, are the ideal solution for the green-fingered folk who simply don’t have the garden space to plant in the ground. They can be custom-made to fit any terrace and can be installed on most surfaces, including concrete and tile. They also offer a number of advantages to both experienced and new gardeners. Due to the beds being raised off the ground, these beds have great drainage, soil compaction isn’t a problem because you won’t be walking on the soil, and the boxes serve as a barrier for most common garden pests so your plants have a better chance to grow healthy and strong. Not only that, but your back will definitely thank you for having a garden that doesn’t require quite so much bending.

Include Suitable Furniture

Comfort is key if you’re looking for a relaxing place to retreat to after a long day at work, so be sure to include some outdoor furniture in your garden getaway. If you have a covered terrace, then you are free to use pretty much any kind of furniture, as long as you stay away with your hose pipe while you’re watering your plants, but if you have an open-air terrace, then your furniture will need to be weather resistant. Consider using wooden or wicker chairs with removable cushions in lighter hues to keep that spring/summer vibe going.

If you do plan on leaving furniture on your terrace overnight, then you should also consider making sure that your home insurance policy covers you in case of theft. Many insurance companies offer a contents insurance policy or combined building and contents insurance so make sure you’re covered. If your home insurance company doesn’t offer you this coverage, then finding one that does is your next step. With websites like, you can search for great deals on your home insurance that offer cover for certain garden items.

Don’t Forget the Decor

It wouldn’t be a getaway without some hints of the great outdoors, even if they are small. Outdoor waterfalls and water features are a feast for the senses and can easily be bought from a gardening shop and installed onto your terrace. The flow of water will help bring a sense of tranquillity to your small space and the water feature also acts as a natural coolant, which is a bonus on those warmer summer days.

You don’t need a big property in order to create a garden getaway where you can relax and unwind in after a long day at work, so why not get started on creating your tranquil terrace garden today!