For many people, getting on the property ladder is a key achievement in life. Often, it is the culmination of years spent saving money for a deposit, successfully rising in your career path, and gaining a more financially rewarding position within your organization. However, buying a home is just the start of the process of becoming a homeowner. Over the years, you may wish to consider some meaningful home improvements to your property. These can make your home more desirable to buyers if you are planning to move up the property ladder or can simply be undertaken to gain more enjoyment from your house. Whenever you undertake some big home improvements, it is important to consider what impact they will have on the value of your property. In this article, three specific home upgrades will be discussed, each of which can add significantly to the overall market value of your property.

How to Add Value to Your Home – 3 Key Examples

Install Solar Panels

One of the most beneficial upgrades that can be undertaken in many homes is to add solar panels. These work by converting the sun’s rays into electricity, which can then be used to heat or power your home. In fact, it is estimated that a high-quality solar panel installation on your property will increase its overall value by 4.1% on average. This is because many buyers recognize that this installation both lowers energy bills and can even be used to gain a small additional income by selling excess energy back to the national grid. When choosing a solar panel firm, it is important to speak to experts, such as Custom Solar and Leisure (Tucson, AZ). Professionals in this field should be able to demonstrate that they have years of experience in fitting these structures and should be able to offer a competitive quote for high-quality panels. In short, this one home upgrade can save you money and increase the attractiveness of your property when considering resale prices.

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Consider a Loft Conversion

Many homes have unused loft space or find that it is an area that is simply used to store boxes of household goods. It can be far more beneficial to transform this space into a dedicated room, such as a guest bedroom or additional bathroom. Smaller lofts can even serve as a walk-in wardrobe and thus free up storage space in many other areas of the home. A high-quality loft conversion can also significantly increase the value of your property. Typically, the added value will depend on the size of the space and the quality of the work undertaken, but a typical loft conversion can add between $7,000 and $67,000 to your total home value.

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Immaculate Green Spaces

As a brief final example, it is important to consider your outdoor green spaces in home improvements. A well-manicured lawn with attractive plants and high-quality fencing around the perimeter can dramatically improve the curb appeal of any property. Put simply, the outdoor areas of your property are the first features that any potential buyer will see. A well-maintained and attractive garden area can create an extremely positive first impression, which may play a key role in securing the sale of your home.

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